TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Yum! Cold soups for hot summer nights

Jenny Levison, known as “Souper Jenny,” demonstrates some simple and healthy ideas for summer, including fresh cherry soup with lemon sorbet and chilled yellow tomato soup with avocado and jalapeno.

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>> today's kitchen, simple dinners and cold soups to cool you down on a hot night.

>> quick and simple ideas for soup. which we know they'll be cold.

>> this is the best time because everything is coming straight from your garden, right, this time of summer. we have an abundance of zucchini. a cold zucchini soap. a little sauteed onions and then i added a little garlic and cumin. and then we threw in our fresh zucchini and broth.

>> this is chicken broth ?

>> this is a veggie broth. but you can use either. i go for the vegetarian. all you do is bring that all to a boil. salt and pepper is to your liking.

>> that's it?

>> that's it. so simple.

>> and then you stick it in here.

>> my new thing is the blender and the vitamix. and you are just going to blend it up. and you got it all blended down. that's all you do.

>> do you strain it?

>> i don't like to strain it. just blend it up.

>> look how good that looks.

>> see how beautiful it comes out.

>> what is this?

>> that was a basil oil . so you just want to put a little bit --

>> basil oil and a little ricotta or feta or any cheese. so it's a yummy, cold soup and super easy.

>> take us to the cherry.

>> cherries are really in abundance this time of year. i love fresh cherries. pit a bunch of fresh cherries. and then we cooked them. brown sugar . a little salt or water or vodka and some wine because it's wine wednesday. and we cooked it all up in the pot and then we're just going to do that, too in the blender. and we zush that up.

>> and we added a little yogurt.

>> yogurt. and some lemon and lemon zest . and we zhush that all in our vitamix.

>> we're going to take this right here.

>> and we've got a little lemon sorbet for on it.

>> we love you.

>> you can find the res peacipes on our website. next week, usher will be with us.