TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Dollar Store Diva throws a July 4 party

The self-proclaimed “Dollar Store Diva” Kathy Jacobs shares festive ideas for your Fourth of July, from watermelon daiquiris to patriotic centerpieces.

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>>> if you are getting ready to throw a firework of a party on the fourth of july but don't want to go broke doing it have we got the girl for you. the self-proclaimed dollar store diva kathy jacobs is here. she's here to show you what you can do for just a few bucks.

>> hey, girl.

>> a little booze, i hear.

>> yes. you know, when the dollar store gives you little watermelons, i say make a watermelon daiquiri.

>> i think that was so --

>> no, that's yours.

>> i got confused.

>> this is just watermelon, lime, sugar and some rum.

>> very good.

>> i like that.

>> i'd like you to keep drinking it, because the more you drink, the better my craft work .

>> you have a little drink for the kids as well.

>> ice cream floats. cream soda and ice cream and these are little straws i just decorated with those little --

>> where are you from?

>> texas. i live in california.

>> my favorite is the touch on top. pop rocks .

>> i hate those things, thank you.

>> kids love them. i don't think things exploding like that in my mouth.

>> i am going to let that one go.

>> well, over here you have --

>> nice gopgs nice wieners.

>> we have some lovely wieners for you.

>> i brought you some nice wieners. these are rocket dogs. and you just take like a stick and you --

>> you take like a stick. an actual stick is probably better.

>> and you put it through the wiener.

>> oh, god.

>> like that. and then what?

>> and then what do you wrap around the wiener?

>> oh, the guys on this set are going --

>> you are funnier than i imagined.

>> i know. ha ha .

>> then what do we do?

>> leave a little space for the red color shows.

>> then do you bake it?

>> i'm trying to move us on.

>> seat it up and --

>> bake it.

>> all right. we got it.

>> and then after you bake it you put a thing on it.

>> all right. let's move past the wieners. we're spending too much time.

>> i'm having fun with the wiener. i hate it when she moves me long.

>> you can take the wiener with you, if you'd like. if it makes you happy.

>> i do not want that.

>> i have one at home.

>> then you're good.

>> okay. these are little plates that i just did. i just went ahead and put the silverware right on there.

>> how cute. over here we've got a pizza in the shape of a flag.

>> it's adorable. there was no yeast at the dollar store so i made this a biscuit crust. it's all about, you know, being creative. these popcorn balls, these --

>> yeah, those are nice.

>> we got the wiener and the balls. great.

>> let's go down to the french fries . we get it. popcorn balls.

>> and then the things down here, we've got --

>> here's french fries .

>> these are --

>> what are they?

>> that's cute with the ketch up in the bottom. how cute is that?

>> the cups are 3 for $1. you get these 3 for $1 and a bag of dollar store fries.

>> that's so great. they already have the ketchup on them.

>> yeah, these are called firecracker in a jar. i just decorated little jars with little flags. and, oh, i wanted to tell you --

>> we have 30 seconds.

>> okay. paper towels dipped in food coloring .

>> very cheap. these are pinwheels. basically poster board , disposable dish ration.

>> handy wipes.

>> a necklace i cut up and made for the little centerpiece.

>> aren't you this clever little diva .

>> i used this as my pattern and then cut it up and used it to make the little do-hickey that goes on here.

>> happy fourth of july.