TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Shapewear and makeup for the summer heat

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows off shapewear that’s lightweight for summer, makeup to prevent hot weather meltdowns, and antiperspirant alternatives.

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>>> it's time for our girl bobbie's buzz. hello, bobbie.

>> so this week i have been getting so many questions about how to beat the heat. it's warming up everywhere. how do you keep your makeup on, all this other stuff. first up, shapewear. we're all familiar with spanx. there are many brands, though. spanx, dkny and commando that have new modern technology you should check out.

>> much lighter weight.

>> this is a suit but goes underneath your bra. do you see the two different panels? and what's great is you can lighten up your shapewear so you aren't so hot. this will help with thin fabric from not perspiring through but you have the control where you need it. i am wearing something i talked about before. these are --

>> yeah, bobbie. show it.

>> anthony come on in, baby.

>> i'm wearing in the front a slip. in the back it's a skort. so you can see here, it's a skirt in the front, shorts in the back. what's great about this, this is the commando. well, i see so many girls walking down the street. this one has shorts and a skirt. and you can see right through their skirt or their dress. and so this is just a great way to help feel --

>> a little more modest.

>> the wardrobe in the summer is really hard.

>> nobody is modest anymore.

>> i care. i think this is a great option. and then primers will help your makeup stay put. primers have come a long way as well. an award-winning line and two new ones they've added to the collection has blemish fighting and anti-aging fighting and then also this 15-hour primer from benefit is called makeup magnet. so this will really help you from the makeup slipping and kind of getting down into your pores.

>> shouldn't you in general wear less makeup?

>> a little lighter. start with the primer. if you have a problem with breaking out go with something like this. and last, but not least, alternatives to anti-pers pypirant. this claims if you use it once a week --

>> dyou don't shower?

>> you shower. a lot of people like it. it's getting a lot of really good reviews online.