TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Do you have the face of a wife or a fling?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss a Glamour magazine report saying that men feel that women with the softest, most feminine features are likelier to have a fling, while they consider women with squarer jaws and high cheekbones to be the marrying kind.

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>> i was going to try to say it, but i can't. try-day friday, june 28th . i just got used to writing 2013 , but --

>> here's the reason we have these lemon wedges in our mouths. it's actually for a great, great cause.

>> sure is.

>> there was a young girl named alexandra scott . and she started to raise money for kids with cancer by having lemonade stands. and sadly, she passed away when she was 8 years old, but this -- the lemonade stands continued. and there's something called the lemon smiles challenge. so in honor of alex, the lemonade foundation is asking people to put the lemon wedge in their mouth, do a smile and put it on the facebook page of that organization. and, you know, it helps raise funds for children with cancer. so we want to do ours? ready?

>> come closer. come in.

>> okay. that was good. all right.

>> wow.

>> it's try-day friday. i'm over the no sweets thing. let's eat. so they have a new wine popcorn. it's wine infused.

>> what?

>> it's a collaboration between populance popcorn company and the new zealand winery kim crawford . we're trying the kim crawford .

>> it's the kim crawford pinot noir drizzle.

>> it tastes like dark chocolate .

>> go to

>>> do you have the face of a wife? they say that the shape of your face can predict if or not -- if you will or will not get married. i guess there's a kind of face you want to date and the kind of face you want to marry. "glamour" magazine reports that they had hundreds of men look at photographs and say is that the girl you want to date or the girl you want to marry. so women with the softest, most feminine features like a fuller chin or fuller cheeks were to be rated as a fling. and the ones with square jaws, higher cheekbones were likely to be the marrying kind. there are the two cartoons.

>> this part kills me. men assume -- never assume -- men assume that women with more feminine features are considered more attractive which means they'll have more options and will cheat.

>> that is a ridiculous statement, isn't it?

>> i think so.

>> can i say something funny that happened? i was walking --

>> your hands are freezing.

>> i know.

>> i was walking blake yesterday and he ran for -- i guess there's so much junk on the streets of new york so it's scary walking your dog. they can scoop anything up. he went for a chicken bone or dead bird. i don't know what it is.

>> chicken bones are dangerous.

>> i had a flash of what happened to al. al roker 's dog pepper was out in the country, got like a dead bird in its mouth and al was trying to grab it out of the mouth and the dog swallowed it and al freaked because they could bdie. the vet said do you have hydrogen peroxide ? get a slice of bread, bowl and ice cream and get in the car and go to the drug store immediately. he raced to the drug store . give the dog the bread. take the --

>> wait five minutes.

>> take the ice cream in a bowl. put two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide . he laps it up.

>> and keep him moving.

>> and then the dog will throw up. the carcass of whatever he swallowed.

>> so next time you are walking blake shelton and he eats something weird --

>> all i could think of was how fast could i get the hydrogen peroxide . i was panicking.

>> that really scared me. but, i mean, al saved his dog's life by doing that, i think.

>> why and good for the vet to know what to do. anyway --

>> wow.

>>> we better do kathie lee 's friday funny because this is not amongst our best ever. this was support in by kathy peterson. a little old lady calls her neighbor one day and says, can you come over here and help me? i have a really hard jigsaw puzzle and i can't figure out how to get it started. her neighbor sighs and says, well, what is it supposed to be when it's finished? and she goes, according to the picture on the box, it's a rooster. so her neighbor decides to go over and help her get the puzzle started. she lets him in and he immediately spots hundreds of puzzle pieces spread out all over the kitchen table. he studies the pieces for a moment, looks at the box and then turns to her and says, first of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to reassemble these into anything resembling a rooster. and secondly, i want you to relax. let's have a nice cup of tea and then put all the cornflakes back in the box, shall we?

>> that was good.

>> i like that one. you know how hard it is to come up with something week after week after week that's clean?

>> i know. you're right. so keep them coming, everybody. and you know, all these college kids come on. tweet us.

>> we want to know what you are doing this summer.

>> these college kids are twitter crazy. like insane. they've got nothing to do and now they can tweet us. we're so glad you're on summer break .

>>> it's time for our girl bobbie's buzz. hello, bobbie.

>> so this week i have been getting so many questions about how to beat the heat. it's warming up everywhere. how do you keep your makeup on, all this other stuff. first up, shapewear. we're all familiar with spanx. there are many brands, though. spanx, dkny and commando that have new modern technology you should check out.

>> much lighter weight.

>> this is a suit but goes underneath your bra. do you see the two different panels? and what's great is you can lighten up your shapewear so you aren't so hot. this will help with thin fabric from not perspiring through but you have the control where you need it. i am wearing something i talked about before. these are --

>> yeah, bobbie. show it.

>> anthony come on in, baby.

>> i'm wearing in the front a slip. in the back it's a skort. so you can see here, it's a skirt in the front, shorts in the back. what's great about this, this is the commando. well, i see so many girls walking down the street. this one has shorts and a skirt. and you can see right through their skirt or their dress. and so this is just a great way to help feel --

>> a little more modest.

>> the wardrobe in the summer is really hard.

>> nobody is modest anymore.

>> i care. i think this is a great option. and then primers will help your makeup stay put. primers have come a long way as well. an award-winning line and two new ones they've added to the collection has blemish fighting and anti-aging fighting and then also this 15-hour primer from benefit is called makeup magnet. so this will really help you from the makeup slipping and kind of getting down into your pores.

>> shouldn't you in general wear less makeup?

>> a little lighter. start with the primer. if you have a problem with breaking out go with something like this. and last, but not least, alternatives to anti-pers pypirant. this claims if you use it once a week --

>> dyou don't shower?

>> you shower. a lot of people like it. it's getting a lot of really good reviews online.

>> thanks, bobbie.

>>> let's go over to sara.

>> cute babies of the week. first up is a smiling young man named brayden eric austin. he was born in new york on may 5th . 8 pounds and 11 ounces. his parents lisa and timothy say that brayden is the perfect cuddle buddy. olivia anabel garazi was born five weeks premature on april 2 29th but she's doing great and they remind parents to never forget to count your blessings .

>> now amaia liliana retiz born on may 4th . her parents anthony and samantha say amaia's two favorite activities are bath time and road trips . and finally our last johnson's baby is a handsome man with a lot of hair. robert james colamaria was born in connecticut may 13th . his parents call him rj and the advice they give is always laugh. it's the only way to get through the first eight weeks with a little newborn. congratulations to all our babies.

>> you're going to miss those days when they are that little. they grow up so fast.

>> thank you, thank you.

>>> the tweets have been coming in all week.

>> yeah. we love your college tweets. kate tweets, i'm a student at mizzou and i watch your show year round. love you guys.

>> stephen goes to oklahoma state university . you ladies are my idols. michelle tweets, shoutout to klg and hoda who always make me life.

>> today wasn't great. we're sorry.

>>> keep sending your tweets and you may get a shoutout next week. thank you.