TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Hot in Hollywood: Adele and son hit the zoo

From tweets to sneak peeks and photos, Arienne Thompson, entertainment reporter for USA Today, chats about the hottest celebrity news, including photos showing Adele and her son at the Central Park Zoo and reports that Cameron Diaz will star in a remake of “Annie.”

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>> ticket to hollywood. everything from cryptic celebrity tweets to star sightings and movie sneak peeks.

>> yep. she has all the scoop --

>> yep.

>> that's how we're going to start this. good morning. it's friday. it's my last day. i'm sorry.

>> you're doing awesome. i'm almost there. i'm almost there. where should we start today .

>> power of the photo.

>> yes, adele has been seen out and about this week in central park . she is usually very private but took a photo there with her son.

>> she did. so she was out in the park with her little one and like you said, she is so ultra private. she never confirmed she was pregnant. she just kind of walked around pregnant and we were like i guess she is going to have a baby. she never confirmed the baby's name but fans have seen her wearing a name plate necklace that says angelo so we're going with that.

>> that's huge. we have never seen his face before now. there were pictures a few weeks ago with her pushing the stroller with a baby in it but we couldn't see him. this is the first time we have seen little angelo. so that's big.

>> star gazing , cameron diaz rumored to make her movie musical debut in anne .

>> it's an interesting choice. she is going to play the evil mistres of the orphanage. she seems young to me but she can be mean.

>> can she sing, though?

>> that's the question. we'll see what happens.

>> it's been awhile since the first anne film. who else is involved.

>> wallace who was an oscar nominee this year. the youngest ever. so she is going to be anne . she replaced willow smith in this and willie smith 's dad will smith is a producer and jay-z.

>> he has his hand in everything.

>> he was in the running to play anne at one point.

>> i wouldn't doubt it.

>> all right. tweet of the week from miley cyrus . there's a whole back story we don't even know. she tweeted to her father billy ray cyrus since you won't reply to my texts i'm giving you an hour to tell the truth or i'll include it with you. she included a photo of herself with her dad's chicago costar.

>> the hashtag on that was actually happy father's day. she is being miley i guess. that's really bold.

>> sounded like she couldn't get her dad's attention. so she took to social media .

>> she took it to death con 5.

>> call me or else.

>> right. the implication there is that her dad is sort of involved with his former broadway costar.

>> right.

>> you don't want your daughter to out that.

>> you don't want your daughter to say that. yet to be seen how they're going to patch that up.

>> if that was my kid, that is unacceptable. i will always be your father and don't put me on blast like that.

>> let's not forget twitter is the public forum .

>> sneak peek , the movie, not out until september but we're seeing racy pictures of the stars of the film.

>> she's looking good.

>> didn't you see them everywhere.

>> she is looking really good.

>> she did a strip tease for her costar. she plays his girlfriend and he's a sex addict in this movie. i cannot say i wouldn't do this scene.

>> the heat out today, get great reviews.

>> it is. comedy gold with those two.

>> all right.

>> thanks so much.