TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Celebrate summer with an al fresco taco dinner

Siri Pinter, who runs a food blog called “Siriously Delicious,” shares a meal that’s perfect for your summer nights: roasted chicken tacos accompanied by a spicy grapefruit cocktail.

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>>> she runs a food blog called siriously delicious. and is carson 's better half. she shows us dinner, drink and a download.

>> explain that.

>> well, dinner can be a stressful and monotonous time at home.

>> not at our house.

>> but we try to make it a minu mini party every night.

>> this is ernest green . the song is called it all feels right. it's going to fit the drink i'm going to make that's nicely with siri's chicken tacos.

>> how do you get it started.

>> it's called suzie french chicken named after a friend. celery, and put it in the pot. one pot meal. 1 hour and a half to make. we like to shred the chicken and make tacos. if you come down here -- don't use your fingers.

>> that's all right.

>> a very important step --

>> okay mom.

>> you're going to burn yourself, the tortillas and we have flour and corn here.

>> you're cooking for three kids.

>> emma jackson and carson .

>> right. jackson is here --

>> he knows not to touch the burner.

>> we're listening to music, we are making drinks.

>> we toast them and it helps with the texture of the taco.

>> what do you like? flour or corn.

>> i like corn.

>> i'm a flour girl.

>> corn is good because you can taste the ingredients together.

>> i like flour because it's a bigger tortilla and i'm a bigger pig. we shred the chicken and rehydrate it in the juices at the bottom of the pot. cheese, cilantro, tomato and roasted garlic. don't be afraid to put gloves in your taco. it all cancels each other out.

>> a little hot sauce .

>> chipotle hot sauce is amazing.

>> we make this at home and people ask for the recipe. it's is delicious. no butter, no oil.

>> a little bit of oil.

>> i said no oil to america now.

>> a little oil. a tiny bit.

>> the drink you make carson .

>> and carson bartends.

>> fresh squeezed grapefruit juice over ice. i opted for a little tequila. a little half shot here, put that in there and shake it up. it's delicious. i won't bother shaking it up.

>> good plan since the top came off.

>> we have a little pepper in here and a little pinch of salt. you got the music you got the drink, you have a great meal.

>> that is fantastic.

>> dinner at our house.

>> dinner with siri pinter and