TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Martha Stewart admits she’s ‘sexted’

The queen of domesticity gets candid, sharing several details about her love life and telling Bravo’s Andy Cohen that she’s sent sexy text messages.

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>> also trending on huffington post , martha stewart getting real about her love life . matt helped her meet potential matches earlier this month. martha appeared on watch what happens live and anything can happen and it did. she made frank admissions.

>> has martha ever sexted.

>> i think no.

>> martha .

>> yes. i'm so happy to hear that. okay. oh, that's who those texts were from the other night, martha . okay. has martha ever been to a strip joint, maggie.

>> yes.

>> no.

>> you know what's funny about that, she doesn't actually say yes or no. she just nods. like if there were a transcript of the interview it wouldn't say.

>> that was a clear yes, though.

>> she has plausible denieblt.

>> she is 71 and hotter than ever.