TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Astronaut attends high school reunion from space

TODAY’s Al Roker and Natalie Morales, along with guest anchor Carson Daly, chat about some of the top headlines of the day, including astronaut Karen Nyberg, who made a guest appearance at her 25th high school reunion from space.

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>>> american idol winner and we'll have another song from phillip phillips just a little later on. i'm al roker with natalie morales and carson daly . it's been terrific having you here this week.

>> it's been a blast for me to be here. i feel like i'm in the willy willy wonka's chocolate factory .

>> you are as a matter of fact.

>> the gift that keeps giving, alec baldwin . he deleted his twitter account once again.

>> which is a good thing.

>> he sent out a rant of tweets targeting the uk paper the daily mail because they reported his pregnant wife sent tweets while attending james gandolfini 's funeral service . that's not the tweet that sparked all of this.

>> where does it go squirrely?

>> the other tweet hearsay to do with when she was going to be on the show. first anniversary.

>> so they reported she was tweeting promotional things during the funeral.

>> there is controversy though about when those tweets were actually sent or if she actually even sent the tweets.

>> can tweets time stamped.

>> they are and the baldwin camp set out this statement it's disgraceful that a reporter would manufacture and publish a story and not call for a comment or explanation. there are multiple witnesses to the fact that hilaria left her phone in the car and wouldn't, couldn't and didn't tweet during the service.

>> but where it gets really bad is of course in response, you know, that's probably the statement that alec and his team should have put out but he of course took to twitter and the bombs started to fly.

>> the f-bomb.

>> i'm going to blank you up and another tweet , someone wrote wife was tweeting at a funeral, that's not true but i'm going to tweet at your funeral.

>> ouch.

>> and there were also reports of using some other language.

>> putting his --

>> homophobic language as well.

>> this is not new territory for mr. baldwin in new york. he must know the minute he is writing these tweets, justifying it anyway he wants but when he uses these tones --

>> not smart.

>> he knows the minute he hits send we'll be here talking about it.

>> that's why he deleted the account or somebody from his team.

>> deleting it won't work. it's out there.

>> it's out there.

>> he needs to take twitter off of his phone. just not have it on there. this way maybe he'll have to think about it first.

>> the interesting part of the story for me is it opens up that conversation as to where people actually tweet .

>> it's true.

>> let's say she was tweeting from the funeral, i don't believe she was but people tweet from crazy places.

>> bathrooms.

>> i have. guilty as charged .

>> whoa and i have used your phone.

>> what about you. strangest place? we're being open and honest.

>> well, mostly -- i mean, maybe --

>> driving?

>> no, after the door has closed, i did a baldwin , i was tweeting on a plane after the door had closed.

>> you pressed send.

>> does the plane start to push back?

>> the plane was in the air.

>> i've done that where it's like let's see how many thousand feet --

>> i still got bars. look at me.

>> did it go through?

>> it went through. it was fantastic.

>> amazing. okay. i love this next one, the so-called witchy although i should say it rhymes with witchy --

>> can you not say that on morning news?

>> you can say it because your career here doesn't depend on it.

>> i'm so disposable and short lived. let the mtv kid say it. let him get canned.

>> it was so nice knowing you carson.

>> go back to the voice, jerk.

>> we're on a morning show . you're a different audience. say it. say it. look at that camera.

>> we're getting on the plane to go back to new york.

>> it's bitchy face.

>> lawyers are calling us.

>> it could be whatever reason or genetic or age but when they're sitting around they look angry.

>> it's the downturned mouth. they look witchy.

>> they caught our attention, there's this fake tsa that was picked up by a guy, taylor orci, more than 2 million hits. it caused a lot of women to come forward and say i suffer from this disorder. take a look.

>> someone with a face, they look like they're sad or angry for no reason.

>> oh, look, that woman has a [ bleep ] face. i wonder why?

>> you know, i'm not a bad boyfriend. just tell me what i'm doing and i will stop doing it? this is the first relationship where i'm really trying. do you get that?

>> your receipt is in the bag and $8 is your change.

>> thanks.

>> okay.

>> she might not have been upset.

>> it's true. in fact, anna paquin said earlier, i think it was last week on one of the late night shows she suffers from it. i have a child, i'm happy in my marriage but it's my face.

>> it's something in hollywood where the doctors will turn this real a real disorder. turn that frown upside down for 20 grand.

>> it all started with the super models that could come down the run way and looked like somebody took a whiz in their cheerios.

>> whiz in your cheerios, i'm glad i'm not the alec baldwin of the 9:00 hour anymore.

>> there's plastic surgeons turning the crown upside down. let's look at photos if we can. savannah is one that says -- that's me.

>> that's a news professional thing.

>> savannah says she definitely suffers from this disorder. she says he has the downturned mouth. she could so relate. now, you didn't know but i got shots of you two. for men, it's angry man face.

>> that's the jason am alex alexander. he used to use it in the soap operas. it's t did somebody pass wind?

>> okay carson.

>> oh.

>> now, kristen stewart .

>> that's something that came to mind. i'm always thinking is this girl ppy to be here. she never looks happy but maybe she suffers from that face and is happy to be there.

>> she has the downturned mouth.

>> we're going to look into it next week but you won't be here.

>> don't let the door hit me on the butt on the way out.

>> you can say whatever you want but we don't get away with it that much.

>> if it offended anybody, i'm sorry.

>> number three, we got this out of this world high school reunion . every class has the overachieve overachiever.

>> well, she couldn't attend her 25th high school reunion so she gave a little guest appearance from space.

>> take that.

>> talk about one upping everybody. i'm successful, where are you today.

>> her classmate hearsay to watch at the reunion this look at me, look what my life has become.

>> it's pretty cool. does it get any better than that?

>> unless there was a guy she went to school with that works at the international house of pancakes .

>> hey.

>> international house of pancakes , come on. do you want to take a tour.

>> you can hold a moon rock , well, guess what, rich and fruit fruitie root and tooty. that's dennys but you get the idea.

>> i have a reunion this weekend.

>> when was the last time you went.

>> this is the first time i'm going too. it's a reunion of my school in spain.

>> are you nervous?

>> this is my yearbook picture. no, i'm excited.

>> that looks very vintage, that's cool.

>> that's my yearbook picture.

>> no, but it almost looks like it's from the 30s.

>> no, i mean this --

>> i was around then.

>> i mean it has a very vintage look about it.

>> i was around in the 30s.

>> i moved here to new york city during my -- one of the reunions i missed.

>> you look the same. in fact, the picture that i took of you just awhile ago looks just like that picture.

>> that was the same picture.

>> and you're wearing a suit and tie in high school .

>> same suit actually.

>> that's right.

>> that's cool.

>> wow, you haven't changed. roker, anything?

>> not much. xavier high school , military school . it was a jesuit military academy . we were ready for the next crusade. there you go.

>> do we have time for the bikes? are we doing the bikes?

>> i don't think so.

>> we rested that case. you enjoyed your city bike yesterday.

>> i did enjoy it. it's a terrible idea but i enjoy it.

>> it's a good idea.