TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

How to protect your privacy in a digital age

There are many amazing forms of technology out there, from apps to software to electronics, but sometimes those things can be used with bad intentions. CNBC contributor Carol Roth and Internet privacy lawyer Parry Aftab talk about how you can safeguard your secrets.

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>>> so you wait in line in a store with your credit card in your hand or pop open your laptop or you're sitting at a coffee shop or maybe you're making a business call on your cell phone .

>> we have all done these things. they seem like every day situations. we're here in a place where many of you go to do your business but what you don't know is scammers could be around and stealing your personal information and you might not know it. here to help us with tips to protect your privacy, carol, good to see you and perry, internet privacy and security lawyer. before we went to break, we saw somebody which we probably see this tip alot, giving the credit card over and that was not a good idea. we saw someone take a picture of the credit card . is that the problem.

>> yeah, if you have that information right out there anybody can see it. it may seem paranoid but take control of your privacy. hold the card upside down and very carefully pull it back because now we have smartphones. people can take pictures orpik up your numbers anywhere.

>> we have all gone to a coffee shop or starbucks or whatever and people have their laptops open and it seems like they're doing business forever in there. what's the danger there carol -- perry, i'm sorry.

>> i think that people can see over your shoulder. you might be putting in your passwords or buying things, they might get into your paypal account or account or see very confidential information and if you get up to get extra milk for your coffee and leave something behind they say see those half naked pictures that you sent to somebody else.

>> half naked? fully naked .

>> well, three quarters naked. the coffee house environment is a relaxed environment. it's casual.

>> what do you do? what's the goal here? do you close it? take you with it? are there privacy sets you should be aware of.

>> this is a privacy shield and this is something you can pop right on to your laptop. they make it for tablets and smartphones. it keeps nosey people like me pi peering over everybody's shoulder from seeing your information. the other thing is you cannot do business in the coffee shop , there's other private and confidential settings but a bathroom does not count. i will not confirm or deny whether i have ever done work in a bathroom before but i will never do it again.

>> whether you're in an airport lounge or anything should you worry about transmitting sensitive information over the internet? can people grab that.

>> they can.

>> the nsa can grab it.

>> and they have.

>> apparently.

>> you need to make sure you're using the right settings. if you have a laptop and you're using a microsoft product, it will block it to anyone else . you can set home and office and private issues. know that. make sure that you're aware of who is looking over your shoulder and you can do business. i'm on the road 250,000 miles a year. i do it in the coffee shop but you agree ahead of time not to mention the clients you're doing the take over with.

>> have you ever lost a phone on the road.

>> i have.

>> what do you do.

>> i used an iphone and i have a kill switch .

>> a great feature.

>> swipe it clean.

>> find my iphone it's a lifesaver.

>> but the problem is that if you haven't saved the back up of the original pictures you took on here and don't have a photo streams. they are gone forever so make sure when it's out there you kill it fast enough and use privacy settings ahead of time.

>> what about all the security cameras out there that are taking your pictures and pictures of yourself?

>> well, you go through it and you're sitting next to somebody you're not supposed to be sitting next to. you might be out on a beach somewhere and that feed may get there and your boss in a know where you are. so we are always under the eye of some paparazzi that runs through an atm machine .

>> and the "today" show plan, if you don't want it to be talked about by al in person on the "today" show don't do it out in public, right.

>> there you go. thank you