TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Authorities fear boat with 6 Americans has sunk

A family sailing around the world and three others are feared to be lost at sea after their boat went missing three weeks ago after communicating with a meteorologist about an incoming storm. Search-and-rescue teams continue to look for signs of the historic schooner along the coast of New Zealand. NBC’s Sara James reports.

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>> rescuers still hope to find someone alive three weeks after a boat with americans on board vanished in rough seas. sarah james is in melbourne, australia with the latest. good morning sarah.

>> good morning natalie. a massive search and rescue failed to turn up any sign of a missing yacht and it's crew of seven including six americans and authorities now fear that the boat may have sunk.

>> this is the boat at the center of the search.

>> the comprehensive search the last couple of days indicated that if the yacht was still afloat they would have seen it.

>> the nina's american captain and his wife and son david set sail on an around the world voyage several days ago and put photos on facebook. days before departing new zealand he made mention of machine gun gails in the see.

>> on june 24th , the crew member texted to ask for help to avoid a storm. meteorologist was the last person to be in contact.

>> they were concerned but they weren't in trouble.

>> the mainly american crew also included a 28-year-old man, an 18-year-old woman, and a british man. this voyage on the vintage scooner was poignant. a last horrah before 17-year-old david went to college. instead he is missing with the res bef activated so there is little to do but wait and wonder. natalie.

>> we just hope there's a good outcome. sarah james in melbourne, thank you.