TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

More Americans are binge-watching TV shows

With nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults with Internet access watching TV through subscription services like Netflix or Hulu, more and more people are binge-watching TV shows, viewing multiple episodes back to back. Experts say TV bingeing could be addictive. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>> now more on the story natalie was talking about a second ago. the changing way we tend to watch our favorite television shows , kate snow is here to explain that.

>> remember when we used to gather around and talk about the latest cliff hanger , who shot j.r.? or rachel or ross? there's still cliff hangers but nowadays the way we talk about them has evolved.

>> are you the owner of a face like this or this or this or this? that dazed look of indulgence is the result of binging. not on drugs or alcohol but on tv. it's called bing watching. watching episode after episode after episode of your favorite tv show .

>> people are flocking to television because we're in a gol golden era .

>> the writing is stellar.

>> what do you know about warfare.

>> a game of throwns drone or house of cards addict? the way we consume tv has changed dramatically. nearly 80% of u.s. adult with internet access watch tv through subscription services like netflix or hulu, through cable on demand or dvr. 62% watch multiple episodes back to back. netflix is offering original series like house of cards only available on their service all at once. a concept the shows creators and stars fully embrace.

>> people want it all.

>> why not give the people what they want instead of dangling the bait?

>> experts say tv binging is a lot like other pleasure activities like eating or drinking or sex. as you devour the next episode of your favorite show, your mind releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter that causes pleasure.

>> sometimes the balance goes arye.

>> dr. rozenthal says the new model for tv lends itself to bingeing.

>> unlike truly addictive substances like drugs, the only consequence here maybe the empty space around the water cooler .

>> the water cooler lives now on social media and that's not a bad thing because the consumer gets to watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

>> go ahead, watch another.

>> that is an excellent choice.

>> stocks for both netflix and dream works went up on the announcement that they're going to have 300 new hours of original programming for netflix which is the biggest deal yet which means tons more opportunity for binge viewing. for me, arrested development , mad men, downtown abbey.

>> house of cards .

>> i think i did five seasons in a summer.

>> do you do this where at midnight you're like one more.

>> at midnight, no? i haven't seen midnight in a long time but breaking bad on a plane, i will do