TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Study: Women go through 150 hairstyles in a lifetime

From cut to color, it’s no secret that women love changing up their hair, but a new study found that the average woman changes her hair look a whopping 150 times over her lifetime. NBC’s Tamron Hall reports and the TODAY anchors show off a few of their hairdos from over the years.

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>> know that as ladies we're obsessed with our hair. some guys maybe obsessed with their hair as well. but it turns out there's new research that reveals just how deep it actually runs. tamron is here with more.

>> it's pretty cool. coco chanel said a woman that cuts her hair is about to change her life. believe it or not, women will change their hair styles at least 150 times in their lifetime.

>> reporter: in the 70s farrah and her flip transformed the way women styled their hair. madonna was the trend setter in the 80s and in the 90s jennifer anniston called a storm with "the rachel." this year it's a sport of sorts as research found a woman alternates between hair styles at least 150 times in her life and celebrities often lead the way. victoria beckham emphasized the cut from long to short to even shorter. anne hathaway flip flopped from brunette to blonde and back to brunette and beyonce has the long curls as well as the straight look.

>> women are complicated creatures and changing your hair style makes it better for them because what they actually have the opportunity to do is change their persona.

>> even the first lady shared with rachel ray that sometimes you just need a change.

>> this is my mid life crisis , the bangs.

>> listen to these hair raising stats. women go to the salon at least 5 times a year which is about 250 visits by the time they're 65. and they experiment with 100 different styles and up to 50 shades. why so much? most women change their styles because of boredom, a life change or good old fashion celebrity inspiration but the majority said they were tired of their current look.

>> i went short when my twins were born because it was much easier and now that they're older i can take more time and do my hair.

>> on the flip side , 15% of women admit they have been stuck with the same look for more than five years. that's a lot of time for something that some day defines you.

>> if i walk out of a salon and i don't look different than when i walked in, what's the point.

>> you know what they say, hair today, gone tomorrow.

>> what it does is it makes you feel better. it gives you a whole new outlook on life.

>> one more stat turned out that 14% of women haven't changed their hair style in more than a decade. guess what? i've had this same hair style since i was 18. i cut my hair -- my boyfriend liked girl with short hair. i cut my hair . the only time i've ever done anything for a guy.

>> you know, it's the weekend not worth it.

>> savannah's styles.

>> over the years, the style, hair evolution.

>> what's that?

>> curly.

>> you were dark there.

>> my hair is very dark naturally. almost black.

>> oh wow.

>> i have just been going blonder and blonder and blonder as i get older.

>> but your mom's hair is staying the same.

>> i like that.

>> yeah.

>> i got my hair cut short.

>> that hair style .

>> maybe you should stick with that.

>> we have some of natalie as well. your hair is talked about a lot. beautiful hair.

>> that's me as a little girl .

>> okay.

>> what's next. i had the bangs there.

>> the up-do.

>> that's gorgeous.

>> it's different.

>> i went through the dark phase too.

>> yeah.

>> that's very nice.

>> that looks like the rachel.

>> kind of.

>> that's the bangs.

>> all right and the hair is lighter too.

>> that's me.

>> wow.

>> i was going to say natalie, that is amazing.

>> that's the first day i cut my hair .

>> wow.

>> and that's me with actual big hair and that's me with it wet. there you have it. women and our hair.

>> you can't escape it either. al, you had some hair.

>> hello. hi there. come to news nation.

>> coming up, phillip phillips live on the plaza but first