TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

13th New Mexico treasure clue revealed

NBC’s Janet Shamlian pays a visit to Forrest Fenn, the art dealer who has hidden a chest full of precious jewels and gold somewhere in the Southwest, to get the 13th clue in the mystery.

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>> that's right. he's waiting.

>> right. she has a new clue in the treasure hunt and the mastermind is with her.

>> good morning to you guys here. he has been giving us an exclusive clue each month. this treasure hunt sent thousands of fans out into the mountains this month.

>> the treasure is not in i had i had or utah.

>> that's a great clue.

>> will you exclude colorado as well?

>> no.

>> i tried savannah and matt. tell me, you have said that some people have been frighteningly close to this treasure.

>> some of the searchers have been within 500 feet i know.

>> 500 feet. so we have excluded a couple more states and we'll have all the clues today on our website,

>> all of these searchers are going to be walking in