TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Aaron Hernandez under scrutiny for 2 other murders

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Aaron Hernandez, who has been charged in the murder of Odin Lloyd, is also being investigated for two 2012 murders. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports and NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom discusses the revelations.

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>> begin with developments tied to aaron hernandez . stephanie gosk is in north dartmouth, massachusetts . good morning to you.

>> good morning. this case is rapiding unfolding overnight. there's an alert for a man armed and dangerous and further legal trouble, a possible connection in a double murder case, a drive-by shooting from nearly a year ago. this morning, massachusetts police are searching for earnest wallace described as armed and dangerous , last seen in a silver chrysler wanted for his unspecified involvement in odin lloyd 's murder. aaron hernandez is being held in jail without bail for the same crime. dumped from the new england patriot's roster after his arrest, the nfl player pled not guilty to the murder of 27-year-old lloyd but the trial for first-degree murder is not hernandez 's only concern. law enforcement officials confirmed that nbc news that police are investigating the nfl player's possible connection to two other murders in boston last july. late at night , two men were shot and killed in their car. a third was wounded. charges have not been filed and no suspects have been named.

>> this week it was considered a cold case . while officials won't comment on the record what they will say on the record is the case has become much more robust.

>> reporter: on thursday, hernandez 's legal team appealed the decision to deny bail in the odin lloyd case arguing that their client was not a flight risk.

>> he didn't do anything to hide. he didn't do anything to run. he cooperated fully when the police came to his house on multiple occasions.

>> reporter: the defense lawyer called the case against hernandez entirely circumstantial. the judge was not swayed.

>> this is a case that circumstantial to be sure but very, very strong.

>> reporter: bail request denied. outside the courthouse, hernandez 's fiancee tried to make a quick exit while fans chanted their support. not easy reconciling the alleged criminal with the star athlete. this was aaron hernandez talking to maria in april.

>> i just try to be a role model and when i see hispanics that look up to me i try to lead them in the right direction.

>> reporter: right now nothing is going in the right direction for aaron hernandez . he lost another sponsor. puma announced they were dropping their endorsement. in a statement they said it is the appropriate step to take. matt.

>>> all right. stephanie gosk in massachusetts on this story. stephanie , thank you. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> the police are looking for a guy name ernest wallace who is described as an accessory after the fact in connection to the murder of o din lloyd . what does that mean.

>> he gave aid or assistance. maybe covered up evidence or destroyed evidence.

>> they're describing him as potentially armed and dangerous . let's go back to 2012 and now this double homicide that perhaps -- and we should say, it's still a big question mark that aaron hernandez might be connected to. are you hearing anything from law enforcement that would indicate why they think he might be connected?

>> the connection maybe that odin lloyd had information about this 2012 murder and he was killed in order to keep him silent about it. he is innocent until proven guilty . we don't know. it's an on going association but consider an nfl star as the potential serial killer . that's the idea behind the investigation.

>> and if there is some connection he played the entirety of last season after being involved in the murder of two people.

>> right.

>> the bail hearing yesterday, any surprises for you? the defense attorney said this guy stayed in his house. he didn't attempt to flea. the case is circumstantial, bail denied anyway.

>> almost every murder case is circumstantial. that doesn't mean it's not a strong case and when you have the judge from the bench saying it's a strong case, that's not a good sign from the defense. some say his own security cameras have incriminating evidence against him as well as other security cameras . i'm sure they would be looking at computers, blood, dna, and forensics and ballistics.

>> he's a high profile individual in that area.

>> it's always harder for law enforcement when they go after a celebrity or somebody with money. they put up a strong defense. you to dot every i and cross every t.