TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Weekend heat wave to bake much of US

Record-high temperatures are expected across much of the country this weekend, from central California into Arizona, Utah, and parts of the Midwest. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>> out west they're used to hot temperatures but it's brutal. 115 in las vegas expected today. 119 in phoenix.

>> if that's not hot enough, the high in death valley where you get lost if your gps messes up, could approach a world record high of 1 34 degrees this weekend. let's get to mr. heat and humidity al roker . what's going on.

>> i'm triple h baby. let's show you. we have a big area of high pressure dominating. this happens normally this time of year but it's even hotter this time. we have rising air, a clockwise flow of air around this. it's like a giant heat pump . look at what we've got right now. accessive heat watches and heat warnings from parts of untnew mexico until, nevada all seeing temperatures expected to be dangerous temperatures. boise up to 99 degrees. salt lake 99. phoenix 119, temperatures even higher on saturday. the all time record high for las vegas 117. looks like it will be there, new mexico 121, boise again at 102 and on sunday it continues. a high of 100 in boise , phoenix 116, vegas at 117, and we're not looking at a real break in this until sometime on monday and tuesday, savannah.