TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Throw an easy and elegant backyard bash

Elaine Griffin, contributing design editor at Better Homes and Gardens, shows must-haves for outdoor entertaining including stylish, weatherproof furniture, beautiful lighting options that repel insects, delicious watermelon-mint coolers, and Trisha Yearwood’s vegetable pie.

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>>> just begun but it does go by so fast. you'll probably want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your outdoor space.

>> if you plan on doing a lot of backyard entertaining, elaine griffin, contributing design editor for "better homes & gardens" has just what you need.

>> what do we need?

>> this summer, you need color. you need a pop of color. like this great patio deck set from kohl's. a little brightness.

>> affordable?

>> yes, it's 180 bucks for the whole set.

>> okay. nice.

>> and then also you'll need tunes.

>> oh, i'm into this.

>> this is the schooner two wireless outdoor system. works with every sort of electronics. you can leave it out all summer long.

>> you are kidding.

>> all weather and everything?

>> all weather.

>> plug your ipod in or tv.

>> it works with everything. and then you'll need some extra seating.

>> right.

>> for those guests.

>> these cubes up here. they're waterproof. it's extra seating, put your feet up. we don't want bugs.

>> we don't want bugs.

>> i like when you sing.

>> so we have -- this is a thermacel mosquito repellent lantern.

>> each of this is a little --

>> zapper?

>> zapper. it's lit by a butane cylinder inside. what's really hot this summer?

>> besides you, elaine ?

>> the solar votive.

>> oh.

>> from target. isn't this great?

>> solar lighting for the first time and it works so well. it really does.

>> leave these out for eight hours. they burn for eight hours. lather, rinse, repeat.

>> how much is this?

>> no, it's $130.

>> i'm going to buy that.

>> let me get that for you for your birthday.

>> excellent.

>> okay, wait. elaine , give it to me.

>> it's on its way. it's on its way. so for our cocktails, we have seen these. it's our watermelon. it's pureed watermelon with mint, ginger ale , rum, of course, a little lime juice. and then we're serving --

>> i'm in.

>> we're serving stuff that you can make ahead. so you can nosh while the chef is on the grill. this is vegetable pie by our cover girl trisha yearwood .

>> oh, i like her.

>> you're going to love her vegetable pie even more.

>> she lost weight on this?

>> is there cheese in here?

>> mayo, too. but i won't tell if you won't tell. so the secret is if you want appetizer, side servings, cut your pie into 12. and then we're going to counteract the mayo with healthy chip and dip. take root veg tabld like radishes, jicama. we're using that --

>> jicama!

>> what's this, french onion dip?

>> caramelized onion dip.

>> isn't it delish?

>> i don't know. haven't tried it yet.

>> we're getting there. then for our easy, breezy table.

>> hoda, too much.

>> it's napkins as our runner. you want to raid your linen closet and just think napkins layered down the center of the table. and we're bundling everything together so it's easy.

>> you are the best. we've got run.