TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

What it would be like to eat with animals

TODAY’s Sara Haines shares a YouTube video from comedian MisterEpicMann in which he mimics the eating habits of different , including an alligator and a rhino.

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>>> sara haines digs up the next video you'll want to share.

>> it gives eating like a pig a brand new meaning.

>> check out the animals and how they eat their food created by youtuber mr. epic man and his friend ian.

>> this first one is an alligator. now maybe we don't have a friend like that. now this is a lizard. he's kind of -- what do you think that is? a t-rex.

>> oh, with the short little arms.

>> that was a whale.

>> here comes a ground hog . and a kangaroo.

>> i kind of feel like i've been to dinner with this guy. this is a flamingo.

>> how is that guy keeping a straight face? and a rhino. you have had friends that eat a little differently. come on. it's like a night at my house.

>> it's a little overdone but you've had those friends that eat --

>> i've sat across from people who chew with their mouth open.

>> or grab their silverware like that.