TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Natalie Cole ‘surprised how good’ new record sounds

Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole talks about her new album, “Natalie Cole en Espanol,” and what it was like to follow in her father Nat “King” Cole’s footsteps by making her first Spanish-language album.

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>> of her inspiration came from her dad, nat king cole .

>> she's releasing her first spanish language album this week called " natalie cole in espanol." a collection of the classic latin songs. we're so glad to see you again. beautiful yellow bird .

>> you are feeling good? you are feeling strong?

>> especially for the promotion for this record has been intense.

>> the whole latin world adored your dad.

>> he loved them.

>> do you speak spanish?

>> not fluently, no.

>> how did we do this album?

>> easier to sing it than speak it.

>> why?

>> first of all, you are looking at the words.

>> i guess you aren't singing as fast or something. i'm not really sure. but speaking it, they talk so fast.

>> i feel that way with my french. nice and slow, i'm good. but --

>> is it hard to get connected to the words when you aren't really 100 sure of what --

>> you know what they mean, right?

>> first all of, my producer rudy perez gave me the english translation for almost every song. so i knew what i was saying. and the melody also helps you with the emotion, where the emotion should be in the phrasing and, you know, i was surprised how naturally comfortable i felt. a little intimidated.

>> once you get into it --

>> yeah.

>> you know what i'm surprised at? i was at one of your concerts in stamford last year and a lot of singers after a certain amount of decades of singing don't have the dexterity, don't have the range, don't -- you sing today every bit as beautifully as you sang first time you came on the scene. have you noticed anything different?

>> i was actually surprised at how good this record sounds. my voice has not really changed yet.

>> it has not changed.

>> you have a lot of duets on this album.

>> i do.

>> tell us who you sing with.

>> of course, my dad, which is a wonderful song.

>> it mean s come closer.

>> beautiful.

>> tell us more. what else?

>> it's so sexy.

>> he's great. he's so great. and then the really cool duet as well is a gentleman named juan luis guerra from the dominican republic . he wrote a song that's like a gift of the rose. and he wrote this song 30 years ago. he suggested that we record it again. and now people are saying it's one of the best versions. it was a big hit for him.

>> wow.

>> and he's lovely. he's like about 6'7".

>> really? really lovely.

>> wonderful, beautiful voice. and that was fun.

>> so now will you be touring with this new cd?

>> i certainly hope so. i hope that we go all over latin america and mexico and, you know, europeans love this music, too.

>> of course.

>> so it really is opening up quite a new --

>> you know me.

>> and then conquer yugoslavia.

>> let me ask a quick question. we've been talking about paula deen for the last few days. you're asking what people -- what do you think of --

>> we had a very spirited conversation last night with some friends of mine about paula. and one of my friends is totally -- she's through. she's very upset with her. and she thinks -- and yet it's so funny because my friends, this was a lady of another race. and the rest of us are black and we're sitting there going, we're over it. you know --

>> you're fine?

>> well, we're not fine with it, but --

>> it's kind of like, okay. let's move on because it happened so long ago. but we're done. we're so used to it. it's like, i'm sorry. okay. i'm sorry that she put herself in that kind of a position. but back in the day when, you know, the things were a little different and that word was just all over the place.

>> right.

>> it's a lot different.

>> i felt very, very badly for her watching that.

>> that's because you are a good soul. all the best with this new cd.