TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

N.J. lawmakers set fines for highway slowpokes

TODAY’s Al Roker and Natalie Morales, along with guest anchor Carson Daly, chat about the topics making headlines, including a new law passed in New Jersey that will fine motorists who drive slow in the left lane up to $300.

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>> as we speak.

>> okay. here we go.

>> thank you.

>> i'll take that purple one. thank you.

>> inside studio 1 -a i'm al roker with natalie morales . of course "the voice's" carson dailey.

>> now we've got copies.

>> running interns all morning long.

>> otherwise we have no idea what we're talking about.

>> she is bringing some stones.

>> almost like that intern right?

>> yeah.

>> okay. this is kind of unbelievable to me. here's a question. should employers have the right to demand job seekers' facebook user names and passwords?

>> no.

>> no.

>> absolutely not.

>> can you think of one instance where this would be a good idea?

>> no. but i mean, let's be honest. many employers do check out your facebook .

>> sure. you have privacy settings.

>> right. but this seems like completely illegal and unethical.

>> if you're going in for a job and the potential employer says hey can i have your user name and password.

>> but there is no law on the books at least here in new york .

>> in fact a new york city council person.

>> yeah.

>> wants a law that would prohibit employers from asking to access job seekers' social media accounts. she introduced the bill after hearing about employers who were asking applicants to disclose their facebook user names and passwo passwords.

>> people are hard up for jobs these days so most people are likely to say, okay. here you go.

>> there are some social networking sites geared in the business like linked-in.

>> right.

>> there are certain sites you can say yeah here is my linked-in. if you want to check me professionally here you go but you're not coming to my facebook to read my blogs and things like that or i'll friend you.

>> it goes without saying whatever you put out on facebook or social media i hope by now people are aware that employers are going to look and check you out.

>> they'll google you anyway.

>> a lot of kids don't think about that. they're in high school and aren't thinking how is this going to follow me when they post pictures of themselves doing crazy things they'll later regret in life.

>> that's right. i'm not letting them have it.

>> no.

>> nobody has asked for i quite frankly. sadly. in fact i'd like people to ask for it. this one is interesting. a new study from soda stream shows women spend almost a year of their lives counting calories and stressing about their weight. women spend an average of 21 minutes a day which adds up to 355 days.

>> we're not in it alone.

>> no.

>> you guys surprisingly think about your weight and calories.

>> a little bit less.

>> 18 minutes per day. that isn't bad. but that is 304 days over a lifetime.

>> you think about calories?

>> i do. weight is an issue for me. i've always had to think about it. i don't think about it in terms of calorie numbers. maybe women are doing the math. to me it's more the macro picture of health , the balance. i start to think man i'm in new york this week. the yankee game. i'm eating hot dogs . i better make that up on the treadmill.

>> right.

>> when i get off that balance i start to think and obsess about it but not necessarily calories. putting calories on menus is terrible.

>> i like thanct. i might make a different choice.

>> i make a lot of different choices.

>> i'd rather know i'm going to order the chinese chicken salad . in my mind i'm okay.

>> but if you found out it had 45 grams of fat.

>> exactly. maybe you'll think i won't do that. i'll find something a little better.

>> starbucks announced they are now posting calories in their stores and take a look at this choice. if you had a grande mocha frappuchino.

>> right.

>> do you know that has about --

>> a.k.a. the britney.

>> is that right? okay.

>> every time i see a picture of her. britney spears always has one of these. three before noon.

>> 400 calories. 400 calories in that. about equal to this spaghetti platter right here.

>> but the more the calories are everywhere then we're all just gun shy to eat, right?

>> no. you just make different choices. you're still eating.

>> nobody eats the good stuff.

>> would you pick that over that or neither?

>> i'd rather have that actually.

>> me too. that looks really good.

>> or combine the two.

>> there you go. br breakfast of champions there.

>> i just love this. way to go new jersey. lawmakers there are toughening penalties for drivers who drive slow in the left lane.

>> yes.

>> new bill set to increase fines from $50 up to 300 bucks for failing to move over and keep right. florida passed a similar law this month.

>> i think that is definitely a huge pet peeve of mine. when you're in that left lane it's for passing or going fast and they can get out. you know?

>> yeah.

>> you got to abide by the rules.

>> absolutely.

>> i hate to see the government take more money out of us by raising prices on these penalties because it is a big chunk there but i do think it helps. you know, you got to be safe.

>> yeah.

>> if you're moving faster get left. going slow, stay right. everybody is better off for it.

>> what are your other pet peeves ? getting pulled over by police for speeding.

>> yeah. because you're breaking the law .

>> just me. pet peeve of mine.

>> me too.

>> people who don't signal when changing lanes.

>> that is my husband. he's like no.

>> you're in the wrong state. nobody signals here.

>> yes they do.

>> here? they say after they've made the turn. also in new york the horn.

>> if you get out of the city, out of manhattan, and you go, people do signal.

>> never been.

>> well, excuse me.

>> no idea. is there more out there than the "today" show plaza?

>> you are the living embodiment of the new york magazine.

>> new york or l.a.

>> and jfk. i didn't know there was more.

>> l.a., i have never seen a city where more people run red lights than in your town.

>> yes. where they make left turns on red.

>> true.

>> like four and five cars.

>> it's true.

>> go faster right?

>> you almost have to wait for the red, them to run the reds before you go through.

>> why there aren't more cars crumpled, smoldering hulks of wreckage. it's unbelievable there.

>> please. how about the city bikes here in new york city ? like that's just what we need. more people on bikes in this town.

>> oh, gosh. why should we --

>> oh, i'm caught in the middle between a bicoastal war.

>> great idea.

>> why should we get on a bike? i don't know. maybe cut back on pollution?

>> every time you see a messenger on a bike out here you think that guy is nuts. i would never do that.

>> you come from a land where nobody knows how to walk. nobody knows how to walk.

>> great idea.

>> let's go down the block.

>> you two want to take this outside?

>> there is no parking in this city. there is no parking anywhere. they're all taken up by the bike racks now all over new york . it's a high school here.

>> in l.a. you don't even have to drive. just walk from car to car.

>> give me a break.

>> your idea of mass transit is a subway that goes three blocks. that's right. or a skateboard.

>> l.a. man.

>> new york .

>> come on.

>> what's going on here?

>> what's up with that?

>> i love it. with the train --

>> what is with the attitude?

>> the right idea.

>> don't get on the bicycle. if you come here from oklahoma take the train. walk. don't get on a bike. you're crazy. people driving all over the place.

>> bring a helmet. i advise that. all right. can we breathe?

>> how many calories did we just burn?

>> intense.

>> why don't you get in the car and drive to your dressing room.

>> okay.

>> give me my city bike. i'll take it.

>> okay. moving on.

>> yeah.

>> okay. let's see what you think about the gentlemen here. what do you think of this outfit?

>> another hair jacket?

>> no, not a hair jacket. okay? this is the show very near and dear tour heart carson .

>> "the voice u.k."

>> this dress worn by the host.

>> that guy's bow tie is way too big. that what we're talking about?

>> and his jacket is too blue right? apparently there are 139 complaints to bbc over the host's dress as you see a little low cut.

>> i didn't think it looked so bad here. i think i'm going to kick off-season five of "the voice" as the host pantless. just to get this kind of press across the sea . this is amazing press for "the voice."

>> i'm shocked there were complaints over that.

>> let me ask you first. did it look a little too gratuitous?

>> yeah, but it's a primetime show. risque.

>> not to be, i mean --

>> she was holding the mike right here so it sort of blocks the view.

>> you've done miss universe and worn stuff a little low cut.

>> not low cut like that, no. i've never worn anything down to my belly button.

>> another thing about l.a.

>> maybe i was fantasizing. no, i thought that --

>> okay.

>> every weather girl in los angeles has wore -- weatherwoman i'm sorry.

>> weather girl .

>> weather woman. every weather professional that is a female in l.a. dresses just like that. that girl is fine.

>> okay.

>> carson making friends.