TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Summer style: Big bucks vs. bargain buys

The heat is on and all stores are stocked with the season’s latest fashion and beauty products. Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, author of “How to Look Expensive,” shows some of the summer’s hottest high-end looks, and reveals how you can score them for less.

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>>> well, now to the hottest styles of summer. the trends change with the seasons. keeping up with all the latest fashion can be out of reach for people.

>> how to get a big bucks look for a bargain. andrea is the best selling author of "how to look expensive." thanks for being here.

>> good morning.

>> we see this trend where you see something on a celebrity and then within a week or two a knock off, cheaper knock off shows up.

>> right. well, the good part of that is you don't have to have a big budget to get a big budget look. i'll show you with identical twins how to do it. let me tell you the first tip i have.

>> yes.

>> solids. you'll notice we have three solid looks. that is a great way when you shop inexpensively if you go for solid. you get a much better look.

>> let's take a look at the first in sisrs wearing the little black dress . we have jessica and jennifer. come on out, ladies.

>> you're going to guess.

>> all right.

>> huh. black leather .

>> which one? one of these is like a total of $ 1770 .

>> right.

>> and the bargain is $154.95.

>> we have to put the sash on them right?

>> yeah.

>> okay. i think to the left is the expensive. al, what do you think?

>> i guess i think the left as well.

>> guess what? you're right.

>> ah.

>> it's the shoes i think that gave it away. i know those shoes.

>> let me tell you -- you know those shoes. those were her wedding shoes. they're jimmy chu, big investment. 675. let me give you one of these.

>> okay. get your sashes.

>> yes.

>> come here. splurge.

>> get your sash on.

>> come on over here.

>> yours were wrong. i am the least expense. she is the most expensive.

>> that's what we said. that's okay. that's what we said.

>> one of the great things about this dress is the detailing. like color blocking in the same color and the black will give you that sleek look even if you don't spend a a lot.

>> and the leather looked a little thicker, a little more luxurious.

>> leather -- no one is going to touch you. that dress is $600 and the other is 60.

>> okay.

>> wow.

>> one is ten times more.

>> so it's worth, you know, in this case -- .

>> if you do your shopping and do a lot of research online, if you have the ability you can really find a great look without spending a lot of money.

>> thank you, ladies.

>> thank you, jessica and jennifer.

>> now paula and mindy. all right.

>> okay. now here we're talking a little more colorful look.

>> yes.

>> hard to get through that door together.

>> that's right.

>> here we go.

>> i hope we'll trick you.

>> one of these is $2100. that's $2100 price.

>> total outfits handbags and shoes included. okay. so are we going to have the sashs? al, what is your guess?

>> i think on the right is more expensive.

>> yes. i think you are right.

>> you are wrong. i got you.

>> no?

>> no, no. the right is more expensive. yes.

>> this is going really well.

>> i think you must have been spying on us.

>> no.

>> i even got that one wrong.

>> to me the handbag is what gave it away.

>> and the shoes, too. again. and i think the --

>> look how great they look. yes.

>> almost identical.

>> the first one is all about label, label. right? you can get the look for less if you forego the labels which i like anyway. h & m bag for $12 versus the one that is almost a thousand from stella mccartney . the shoes are from nordstrom's. they're $80 against the $875 shoes.

>> all right. more importantly the dresses look gorgeous. you guys look great.

>> here is another great secret. if you're going to buy a color like this it is okay to go for the less expensive because this orange pops and you might not wear it again.

>> exactly.

>> you make a statement with that. let's bring in alana and amber. thank you, ladies. with our last look here. here there is an $ 1800 price tag difference in the total outfit. so if you hand us the sashes we'll place them on the ladies.

>> all right.

>> okay.

>> all right.

>> i think this is the more expensive.

>> yes. i think so.

>> you guys are too good.

>> we see it up close. people at home --

>> i have to tell you we had a group of people in the green room and we fooled them on almost all of the dresses.

>> right.

>> okay.

>> this is like a fancier embroidery.

>> it is the embroidery.

>> this one is $600. the other one is $15.

>> wow. okay. you can't argue with that.

>> so 20 times. you know what else? we also, this is head to toe in our price tag. we have a lip gloss on the more expensive look. this one has a dior lip stick for $30. her dress is, she could have two dresses for the price of the lip gloss .

>> there you go.

>> it is all about what money you have.

>> be a good bargain shopper.

>> it pays. whatever price you can spend.

>> do it and pull it off.

>> right.

>> save the money. all right. let's bring the ladies back out again. andrea, thank you so much.