TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Al, Carson blown away by TODAY crew fans

You never know when a summer storm will hit, and whether you’re experiencing gusts of wind, or thunder and lightning, it’s important to prepare your home for extreme weather. Home improvement expert Amy Matthews shares her tips.

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>>> and lightning it's important to make sure you at home are ready for the worst.

>> pay no attention to the men behind the fan! amy matthews is a home improvement expert. she's got some easy -- oh, stop this. this is ridiculous.

>> some easy projects to help you storm proof your house.

>> that is not how beyonce opens up her show.

>> that's right. no. it's more like this.

>> just missing the hair, al.

>> exactly. let's start off. first your roof.

>> yes.

>> i mean that's what you really got to start with especially in a storm.

>> this is hilarious.

>> they got us good.

>> the home is built to repel the elements. if you have a weak link you have serious problems. you should do annual maintenance to know your house to make sure things look good. start with your roof where the water gets in and you have serious problems.

>> looks good right?

>> go up on a ladder. this one is missing a couple shingles. call a pro.

>> this one you need help.

>> you need to replace those shingles. this one is in serious disrepair.

>> how long should the average roof last?

>> depends on the type of roof. a steel roof can last 90 years. asphalt, anywhere, they say 30 years but i think 12 to 25 max. a lot of them are changed out after about 15 years.

>> you shouldn't be doing this yourself.

>> no. this you should call a pro for. so keep that in mind absolutely.

>> okay.

>> moving on down the gutters. now the gutters are so important and people don't realize this. you should clean it out. you can get a simple gutter cleaning guard.

>> that wind just stopped. it's getting nicer out.

>> you can feel the sun.

>> feels warm. this is great.

>> i was right about the weather. are leaves problem?

>> leaves are obviously a problem because if the water comes down the roof and hits the gutter and the gutter is clogged it goes over the side. it gets down into your foundation. serious problems.

>> so promoting dyi here you are saying get one of these dentist tools and clean it out yourself.

>> you'll need a pro because if you use that on your teeth we have problems. the gutter should not be in disrepair. if you want a dyi this thing costs about 20 bucks. attach it to the water. it pushes the leaves out.

>> what about the down spout? does that need to be cleaned too?

>> the down spout, check it.

>> a very personal question.

>> yes.

>> make sure it is attached to the house so if winds come up it doesn't push it off and you have watt inner the foundation.

>> something to do once you cleaned it out, put a cover on it so that when fall comes you don't have the leaves.

>> that's going to save you from doing a huge leaf removal every year.

>> right.

>> when you have this on, then you can have the -- people come out and do it for you. if you don't have a gutter guard. that is going to cost about 160 bucks to get a pro in. 20 bucks to do it yourself especially come winter you have blockage. you get the ice damming into your roof.

>> we don't have any problems.

>> jurs in your cars wasting electricity.

>> lots of priuses on the road.

>> that's okay. you're saving the world .

>> they are.

>> one at a time.

>> that's right.

>> this is a guard for your window. if you live in hurricane areas, a tornado has a direct path and you won't have as much warning but a hurricane area has a wide path and you need to protect your windows. get your marine grade plywood for your windows, have it measured. you don't have time to go buy it and get it out there.

>> you always see people at the stores.

>> these are things you should have on the premises at all times.

>> all you have to do is take this. do every 18 inches, drill into that. i know you are a big home improvement guy.

>> predrill the holes.

>> 18 inches apart for every window around the perimeter.

>> put your hand on there for just a second.

>> i'm not going to trust you for a minute.

>> then you drill.

>> oh, yeah.

>> and have these things prepared so it is just sitting there so when you are on tv telling everybody to get ready you got this prepared.

>> and after the storm can you just reverse this drill and keep this wood?

>> i would. absolutely. here's the deal. there's a couple other things you need to do. hiring a pro is really important. anything you don't feel comfortable with there are a lot of online resources. do your research. you've hired a pro before.

>> sure.

>> have you checked their references? do you know they're licensed?

>> no.

>> you've done criminal financial -- nobody does that. my husband and i were just in a power outage in minnesota. my husband used home adviser. it's a free, awesome source. go online and do your research so you can find someone to come and help you.

>> all right. amy matthews , thank