TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Make your home festive with July 4th party décor

With just a little ingenuity, you can get your home in the Independence Day spirit on a dime. Event designer David Stark shows how to give your home a celebratory look with everyday items from the hardware store or supermarket.

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>>> if you've got everybody coming over to watch the fireworks next week don't stress out or make your party planning easy with some simple decorations and crafts that won't break the bank .

>> the best part of it is it'll keep the kids busy too. design tower the stars david stark author of "the art of the party" has creative ideas. david, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> not the budget of the stars here today. you actually put together all of these things either going to a hardware store , grocery store , or office supply store, right?

>> it's true. i am a big believer that over the top is out but ingenuity is always in. it really is about the every day things that you use in special ways. and 4th of july is a great time to do that. you know, i always think that a great party starts with a really great invitation.

>> let's look at this one right here you've created.

>> why does it have to be a piece of paper? we got these really cute sunglasses.

>> i like that idea.

>> from the dollar store . if you use a chalk pen you can write on the lens and wipe it off with a damp rag. pop it in a padded envelope. send it off. your guests are amazed.

>> instead of mailing fireworks like i usually do.

>> wow.

>> you get arrested when that happens, huh?

>> once you get a great invitation, once you get to the party it has to be special right?

>> right.

>> a good place to start is with your centerpiece. we created these with carnations.

>> i love that. they look like fireworks.

>> you can get them at the supermarket. they last a really long time.

>> they smell nice.

>> carnations unfortunately people give them a bad rap but for decorating they really just have such a beautiful effect.

>> for the 4th of july they make this red carpet or white carpet. i wouldn't get the blue ones. those aren't real.

>> no.

>> anyway, simple glass container . use the square. use the cylinder. and with some tape you can make stripes.

>> many have the reuseable glass vases right from flower deliveries.

>> that's right. and then you know i just took a plastic drinking glas the floraloam is inside. you put it directly inside and you cut your carnation down to about an inch of a stem.

>> nice.

>> then you put it in as tight as possible.

>> you probably pay five times what it would cost to make that at home.

>> you would and you would have perhaps less fun.

>> yes.

>> you can get the kids to help you put the carnations in as well. i like what you've done as well with the lanterns on the table.

>> great fun. a lot of people have strings of lights and this is simply a drinking cup we cut a little slit in the bottom. you screw the light bulb in directly over the top . it couldn't be easier and is great for any holiday or occasion.

>> you could reuse those lights again.

>> who has children in the studio?

>> hi guys.

>> jonah and anaka have been hard at work on fire crackers. how are you?

>> what are you making?

>> it's great to not forget the kids, right? not only is it fun for them to have an activity at the party but to help make the decorations. these guys are coloring like mad to make these fire crackers.

>> love it.

>> and the base is really a recycled paper roll which we all have. you tape the paper around. can i use your paper there?

>> yeah. here we go.

>> can i use your blue fringe?

>> here's a little fringe.

>> all cut already.

>> you tape this together. just as i've done here.

>> right.

>> you actually cut some slits at the top. can i have a piece of tape?

>> okay.

>> you put a couple pieces of tape at the top.

>> then add a rocket at the top, right.

>> you add the rocket. it holds it in place.

>> store bought cupcakes you decorated with berries as well. save on the cost. david, jonah, anaka, thank you, guys.

>> happy 4th of july .

>> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on