TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Startling ad for ‘Shark Week’ makes waves

The Discovery Channel’s new ad for Shark Week, in the form of a fake news report about a seal being released into the ocean, is racking up thousands of views online. The tagline: “A bad week to be a seal.”

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>> bad week to be a seal. as part of the campaign to promote its popular shark week series discovery channel releasing a new promo racking up thousands of views online. some say it's a little disturbing. others hilarious. you decide.

>> we are just moments away from releasing snuffy the rescued seal back into the ocean. and now you see it. snuffy's triumphant return.

>> whoa! of course, it's fictitious. no seals were actually harmed during this.

>> i think it's great. it's dark but great.

>> wow. not good.

>> it appeals to the discovery viewers.

>> and to the sickos.

>> best commercial ever.