TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Prince Jackson testifies in wrongful death suit

Michael Jackson’s son Prince gave emotional testimony yesterday in the wrongful death suit filed by the Jackson family against Conrad Murray, describing the pop star’s final days. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> for the first time one of michael jackson 's children testified in person in the family's wrongful death suit against tour promoters . the jury will try to determine whether jackson or his promoters hired dr. conrad murray who was convicted of negligence in the singer's death. here's nbc's mike taibbi .

>> as rehearsals for the 2009 "this is it" tour neared the end, prince michael jackson says his father was excited but worried. after reviewing family photos for the jury, the now 16-year-old prince said he witnessed his father's end of several tense phone calls with promoters from aeg live . after one call, prince says his father was in tears and said, they're going to kill me.

>> prince came across as a very well mannered, bright, 16-year-old.

>> i got to save my voice.

>> reporter: prince also said as rehearsals grew more intense his father wasn't strong enough and looked malnourished.

>> there was pressure on michael and i think that's been borne out by the evidence in the trial.

>> reporter: but prince said he was only 12 at the time and knew nothing about the trial's central question, who hired and was thus responsible for dr. conrad murray ? during testimony, prince said his father handed him wads of cash to give to murray .

>> now we know that the only person who's ever paid dr. conrad murray in this time period was michael jackson .

>> reporter: in emotional testimony about the day jackson died, prince said he saw his father half hanging out of the bed as dr. murray administered cpr while his sister paris, standing by, screamed she wanted her daddy. but murray turned to them, prince testified, and simply said, sorry, kids. dad's dead. paris, hospitalized for weeks following a personal health crisis, will likely not testify in court. mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .