TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Top stars make early exits at Wimbledon

Seven former Wimbledon champs have already lost in this year’s tournament, and the All England Lawn Tennis Club is being scrutinized for particularly slippery grass courts, with Maria Sharapova complaining, “This court is dangerous.”

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>> treacherous times for the top players in the tennis world. get this. seven wimbledon champs who have all held the number one title including rafael nidal and caroline wozniaki have already lost. shocked fans watched roger federer lose to the 116th seed only in the second round. some other players are just plain down and out. a lot of people falling after the all england club has come under fire for their slippery grass courts. they've always had grass courts but apparently this year they are slipperier than ever.

>> exhibit a is right there.

>> by the way, that would kill me if it happened to me. maria sharapova slipped three times and required treatment on her hip after one of those falls.

>> ow. sorry for that picture.

>> she was heard saying, this court is dangerous, during her straight set second-round defeat. now, if you look at what's happening here.

>> yes.

>> andy murray . okay?

>> the rise of andy murray .

>> andy murray doesn't have to worry about rafael nidal or roger federer .

>> it looks like five out of the top ten women are out and four of the top ten men are out.

>> that's right. andy murray was seen watering the court.

>> i didn't know grass courts liked that.

>> you oil them down nicely.