TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Running intern: Becoming Internet star ‘a lot of fun’

Daniel Stein, a intern, became an instant Internet sensation when a Vine video showing him racing to deliver a Supreme Court decision to NBC’s Pete Williams went viral. He talks about becoming a star on the Web and demonstrates his running skills for the anchors.

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>>> back now at 7:50 wednesday of course was a big one at the supreme court . along with the decision something else is getting attention. fast moving intern dan stein weaving his way through the crowd to help pete billings break the news. pete i think was first or near first and dan stein is with us now. good morning to you.

>> good morning. how are you?

>> congrats.

>> well done. first of all, good open field running. good speed, lateral movement. you kept your head up. you protected the document, which was very good. how are you feeling?

>> feeling great. i had to do a little stretching this morning, try to loosen up a little bit. a little sore. obviously these aren't running shoes .

>> exactly.

>> your running outfit. what is it like to be an internet sensation?

>> you know, honestly it's just a lot of fun. i don't know. it's an honor to be part of the history and the things that happened yesterday of course.

>> and you didn't read as you were running, did you? did you know the decision?

>> you know, i didn't read because i wanted pete to be able to be first of course.

>> right.

>> but for the doma decision, for windsor actually i had a little ear bud in. it was on our intern for scotis blog and our conference call and i heard the voice reading the decision to me as i was running which was pretty cool.

>> let's bring pete williams in. what we don't see on the tape is the part where dan elbows the cnn intern. is she out of surgery? have you checked?

>> i'm all for that. not only did he have to dodge people with signs and strollers and everything else but remember these were the hottest days of the year down here. i was per spispiring just standing still. he must have lost about ten pounds in the last few days.

>> the guards are tough too. there is a strict walk only rule.

>> you can't run in the supreme court building . you got to do one of those awkward fast walk not run things.

>> you can run here. so, dan , we'll put you to the test again. we have al roker outside at the weather monitor. he needs this important five-day forecast.

>> ready?

>> go!

>> okay.

>> ladies and gentlemen , dan stein .

>> i think he's jogging.

>> he's lolly gagging.

>> oh, this is the wrong thing. you got to bring it back.

>> dan stein , thank you so much.

>>> coming up on trending what is going on at wimbledon? the early exit by some of tennis's biggest stars.

>> here comes dan again.

>> come on in, dan . [ applause ]

>> nice job.

>> thank you.

>> that's the wrong thing. you need to go --

>> we can keep doing this