TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Carson Daly talks ‘inconsistencies’ in Deen interview

TODAY’s Al Roker and Natalie Morales, along with guest anchor Carson Daly, discuss Matt’s interview with Paula Deen, saying they don’t think it changed many people’s minds, whether they support Deen or not.

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>> everybody is talking about it. the paula deen interview. we have two sound bites we put together for you. take a look first.

>> do you have any doubt in your mind that african americans are offended by the "n" word?

>> i don't know, matt. i have asked myself that so many times because it's very distressing for me to go into my kitchen and i hear what these young people are calling each other. it's very, very distressing.

>> you never joined in on that language?

>> no. absolutely not. and if you never committed a sin, please pick up that rock, pick up that boulder and hit me as hard as you can.

>> i think it left a lot of people talking and thinking and the question is whether or not it really changed anyone's mind.

>> and right after the interview i said whatever you felt going in, i think you felt coming out of it.

>> we saw that sort of data. we put up a facebook poll on our facebook page and the results of that were 82% of you said going into the interview that you didn't buy her apology.

>> or if they supported her they still support her as well.

>> nothing changed in lieu of the interview.

>> exactly.

>> it was very difficult is look, the use of the "n" word is a hot button issue because it's used in rap. so let's take that one off the table. what is more disturbing to people was surrounding the wedding.

>> and the allegations that she was looking for a plantation wedding for her brother.

>> and that's i think what is more concerning to people. and i don't know that that was really addressed.

>> and a couple of inconsistenci inconsistencies. she said she only used it once but in her deposition she said she used it repeatedly but he asked her twice. it was pretty split. you have two groups of people. you have probably her core, a little more of the christian south, there's a lot of ye who cast the first stone 30 years ago.

>> yeah. but that is what she said.

>> here's one of the pro tweets. they need to leave paula alone. we are humans. we are not perfect. we all make mistakes. but then kelsey wrote i'm sorry but there's no way a person uses that word once in their life. either it's in your vocabulary or it's not.

>> yeah.

>> and it's late for some people. made a lot of comments about if this had come on friday when she was supposed to be here. matt brought it up in the beginning of the interview, let's keep this centered around business. this say multimillion dollars interview you're doing. two companies dropped you since you were a no show on the today show on monday. maybe it was a little too little or a little too late.

>> the good news, if there is any is this the perhaps a teachable moment. talk about race in a real world setting and how do we address this? and the fact is even though it's been 40 years, 50 or since the civil rights movement that we still have a long way to go in this country.

>> and she did bring up that point which is so true, too often black people use that word to describe themselves and --

>> let's not -- black people -- it's a certain segment of the audience but there's a very large segment --

>> no, please don't take that that way --

>> and a large segment of the white audience don't use it and grew up at that time in the south. so, i just want to -- because we throw that around a lot and i think it needs clarification. she got emotional clearly and brought up that point. it's a sad day. it's a sad day that unfortunately we have to have the teachable moment around.

>> and people brought up on twitter while watching the interview this morning when you talk about how emotional it was and that was was she actually crying. because people could hear the emotion and never actually saw physical tears.

>> i'm not going to hold that against somebody. that happens. we have had all that happen and the emotion and without divulging any confidences, that did come after the camera was off and there was a lot of --

>> do you think she was sincere this morning? or did you buy the apology?

>> well, here's the thing, did she really apologize?

>> i didn't hear the word sorry either?

>> that youtube apology she put out which were bizarre because one seemed an attempt to be more genuine than the previous one. there was a lot of i'm sorries. this morning there wasn't.

>> there's a lot of pressure and we can pick it apart and all of that but this is going to be something that's going to continue.

>> and we'll talk more coming up. two people are going to break it down with us and tell us what they think and why other people can have similar -- have committed similar or other mistakes in life.

>> and why say you're sorry in today's culture for a lot on the line is a tough thing to do.