TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Shepherd’s pie: A delicious meal to seal the deal

Nadia G, of the Cooking Channel’s “Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen,” shares a simple yet gourmet dish that she says will take a romantic meal to the next level: Shepherd’s pie, egg fettuccine rose and challah French toast, slathered with caramel and topped with a dollop of crème fraiche.

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>>> it is time for today's kitchen. what's cooking, we got three romantic meals to seal the man of your dream.

>> nadia g. host of " nadia g.'s kitchen" says these dishes will help you bag them and tag them.

>> that's sick. that is gross.

>> pay attention, hoda.

>> the biggest mistake people make when cooking the first meal for someone is putting on a massive spread, the oysters, champagne, makes you look desperate.

>> that's how dumb people are.

>> you want to cook up some simple dishes.

>> what are we making?

>> shepherd's pie. if you can help me mash up the potatoes here. yams, a little bit of cream, and a little bit of butter. in the meantime, here i've got some beef and onion. we're going to add some nice spice there, little bit of salt, little bit of paprika, throw it all in there. give it some nice flavor and color. those onions.

>> all right.

>> into a greased baking dish it goes. we're going to create layers here.

>> like a lasagna.

>> exactly.

>> cook just a tad more i'd be ready with them, but they aren't.

>> put some elbow grease into it.

>> work it, work it.

>> okay, here we've got some creamed corn .

>> did hoda just say work it?

>> i said, work it.

>> here you go. switching it.

>> put the creamed corn on top of the beef here. this is going to make it nice and succulent.

>> i like that word.

>> on goes the potatoes.

>> they would have been ready had they been better cooked.

>> i think, you know, you want a little bit of bite in the potato.

>> not more cook, was not upset at anyone.

>> i think the potatoes look great. we'll add this gorgeous layer of hot mashed potatoes on top.

>> sorry about that.

>> then what?

>> if you whipped them the way i like it.

>> and some crumbled potato chips .

>> now you're talking my language. now i'm interested.

>> there you go. meat and potatoes, you're impressing everyone, unless they are vegetarian, then you've got a problem. then you're screwed, or not screwed, rather.

>> anyway, moving on.

>> come on, minute to go. gorgeous cream sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes, put in a little bit of crab. exactly, just put that in there.

>> noodles.

>> yeah. mix this up. here you have the finished dish. mix the linguini in with that. we're going to add a little bit of fresh parsley and some parmesan.

>> what kind do you use?

>> parmesan. someone once e-mailed me said no italian would use cheese with sea food .

>> real quick, 20 seconds.

>> here you have some french toast .

>> what did she say, i missed it.

>> okay.

>> all right. some salted caramel on top, just like that.

>> it must have been something. look at that.

>> look at the time.

>> and a dollop. look at this. this is a meal that impresses.

>> i'm impressed.

>> they'll be back for seconds.

>> thank you, nadia g. find more on

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