TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Seventeen honors ‘pretty amazing’ young women

After the magazine received 23,000 applicants to their “pretty amazing” cover competition, five finalists who are making a difference have been selected. Ann Shoket, editor in chief of Seventeen, and two inspiring finalists talk about the contest.

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>>> their mark in the world. 17 magazine set out to find some of the most impressive young women in america of their contest. it's been narrowed down to 5 and two of the finalists are here today. she is the editor and chief of 17. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> this is a tough task because you had great entries and applications and essays. i read theirs. what was it about them that struck you the most?

>> we had 25,000 girls enter the contest this year. what was most important was to find girls that had amazing stories to tell. who were making their mark on the world on their own terms. who had something really special they wanted to say. we have five amazing finalists. a social media entrepreneur that got $1,000,000 from richard bran is on. a youtube star. an hiv activist. we have a baker and a wrestler who is on her way to the olympics fingers crossed.

>> you are a jersey girl , 20 years old and we're seeing these beautiful confections that you made all by yourself, right? no assistance.

>> no assistance.

>> tell me what got you into baking and having your own company.

>> i used to be a fashion designer and i learned from watching television, like cake boss and actually met him. it was amazing.

>> you just buddy.

>> we did. it was just the most incredible thing. he gave me such great advice about starting your own business and stuff like that.

>> did he give you any special secrets for success.

>> no real secret. just do what you love and put your best workout there and just be honest with people because people will always respond to people who are honest.

>> i'm amazed at the wonder woman hello kitty here. how do you juggle it as a 20-year-old running a business but living your life as you do.

>> i don't sleep.

>> you're baking all the time.

>> always baking, always thinking about baking.

>> and casey, as we heard, you are an incredible wrestler hoping to go to the olympics. you're a four time state champion wrestling the boys. you make them cry. how did you get into wrestling?

>> well, my dad told me to start wrestling. i started out with brazilian because when i was younger i was molested and he wanted me to protect myself. i said you should learn how to wrestle so you can do take downs and i stuck with wrestling.

>> it's working for you. what do the boys think when they see you on the matt.

>> they'll get mad and sometimes nervous because they don't want to face me. if they do it's like you just beat a girl or you just lost to a girl.

>> but you have proven it's not about who you are, it's more about how you play their game, right?

>> she told us an adorable story which she is too modest to tell but she had three very romantic prom proposals, really over the top and she had to say no to all of them because it was nationals.

>> well, i'm sure the nationals were worth it.

>> well, ladies congratulations and good luck to you. the votes are tallying up online.

>> these girls need your votes. check out all of our finalists. these girls need your votes.

>> thanks so much. ann, thank