TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

5 must-have gadgets and apps

From apps to help you organize your life to a gadget that can help you catch some extra Zs, TODAY digital lifestyle contributor Mario Armstrong shares some of his favorite ways to make life easier.

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>>> all right. back now with mario's must haves.

>> right, the gadgets and apps to make your life easier. who wouldn't want that.

>> we want that.

>> family organization.

>> yes, the refrigerators where a lot of stuff goes, to do lists, art work.

>> what's wrong with that?

>> kid's art work is great but to do list, you need an app called cozy.

>> you need to show off the kids art work.

>> i can go to my journal and show my kid right there. i got your covered right there t. whole point is if i'm doing grocery shopping or my to-do list i can share this. list for my groceries while we shop together. you can check it out.

>> this is an app. a free app.

>> $29 if you want to have advanced features.

>> what are some of the advanced features.

>> it goes shopping for him.

>> goes shopping for me. there's a babysitter app and other stuff you can do with it.

>> what else do you got?

>> what else do i have? the other thing i want to show you guys, you have been talking a lot about vine. my favorite must-have video app is called social cam. the reason why is it shoots longer than 6 seconds or 15. there's no time limit .

>> is this a good idea? we need a time limit .

>> no.

>> why do you like this?

>> because i can share this to a social community.

>> what are you doing in this video.

>> i am dancing with a machiinion.

>> we need six seconds of this.

>> you want to share the family moments via video. if you try to sing happy birthday with vine or instagram you're done by the time you get to happy birthday . it's for people with a much longer time.

>> are they ios or also android.

>> good question al.

>> great question.

>> i have no idea what i just said.

>> now these, this is called sleep phones. i want you to put this on. basically, strap this over your head here -- i'll get this one for carson. there's speakers inside of this. these are like very soft fleece. they are also wireless and wired. they're about $39.

>> this goes over the eyes.

>> over the eyes. you have head phones inside here. not only if you want to listen to music. a long day after the voice.

>> mario, do you really like n-sync this much?

>> this is going to keep me up all night.

>> i played that for him. not for me.

>> this is very nice.

>> right now you're listening to nature noise in a second i'll have you levitate.

>> al, can i get a glass of warm milk.

>> why don't you get up now.

>> okay.

>> now you like these speakers.

>> i love these speakers. it's not just the speaker, it's the sound system . i know both of you are big into music. the whole deal is i can have multiple speakers in different rooms playing different music and i can control the volume and the play list all from my mobile device .

>> natalie is in her dressing room .

>> natalie is in her dressing room right now and we're playing dancing queen for natalie .

>> all controlled right here. so i can also just bring up these speakers and say i want to play the music down here and we can play some get lucky.

>> that's awesome.

>> super awesome. if you want to carry music with you on the go, jam plus speakers are my favorite must have speakers.

>> super mario , brother.