TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Golden Sisters talk Kardashian baby, reality show

The three seniors who first shot to fame after posting a Web video of themselves watching Kim Kardashian’s sex tape talk about the first episode of their reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network and Kim’s new baby North, saying they have “a wonderful present” for Kim.

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>> well, now to three women and one sex tape ? what? the trio shot to fame after posting themselves watching the kim kardashian sex tape . now they have their own reality show called the golden series on the oprah winfrey network.

>> i can't believe what this hat cost.

>> why are you complaining? you didn't pay for it.

>> but still it was very expensive.

>> yeah but it's a beautiful hat mary .

>> but look at us mary we look beautiful.

>> yeah we do. and anyway it's yolo season.

>> what's yolo ?

>> you haven't heard of yolo .

>> no have you.

>> yolo is like j.lo. mary and her 74-year-old twin sister and terry joins us. yolo , do we know what it is?

>> yeah, you only live once.

>> good. last time you were here was a couple of weeks ago and you said you were having lunch with kim kardashian but she went into labor early.

>> it didn't happen but we're hoping it happens in the future. we're looking forward to having lunch with them.

>> what do you think about the name of the baby they selected.

>> i thought it was really cute, north west they're going to call her nori.

>> i don't know. well, they're going to call her nori.

>> i like names like mary , josie and teresa. i don't go for funny names.

>> i have to say one thing, i have a wonderful present for her but i can't say it on tv.

>> what is it.

>> i can't tell you.

>> well now you set it up you're teasing us.

>> it's a surprise.

>> it's a big, big sur prize. kim wait until i see you honey. what a present i'm going to give you.

>> she's teasing us. you have a huge following online. 26,000 followers on twitter alone which is a lot more than a lot of us and i just want to know, who is the biggest tweeter of the bunch.

>> i'm the tweeter.

>> you are?

>> yes. i tell them what we're doing moment to moment -- well, not moment to moment. maybe every hour.

>> what would a hashtag be right now.

>> hashtag today show , we're on the today show . we're back.

>> do you all coordinate these beautiful outfits? look at them?

>> no, we don't coordinate.

>> you wear this. i'll wear this and we're done.

>> we have to look colorful.

>> now you're big reality stars like your friend kim kardashian .

>> they could exchange but i'm smaller than both of them.

>> we did a diet show and i lost 25 pounds.

>> you look fantastic. you look great.

>> i have to ask because we got some people, some of your followers are asking, what is the most important words of wisdom or piece of advice that each of you can offer a soon to be married woman ?

>> well, i always say, you know, never say, no. you know, just --

>> do what you got to do.

>> always be ready, willing and able.

>> i say don't get married too young. wait until you're 25 or 26.

>> too old?

>> no.

>> my advice would be never believe anything he says that's not very kind because men sometimes say something -- things they don't mean --

>> they say it all the time.

>> well, not all the time.