Dominick Reuter / The Wall Stree

TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Modern ‘Mad Men?’ Companies allow drinking at work

Some tech and media firms are allowing light drinking in the workplace by installing on-site taverns and kegs in an attempt to lure talent and keep employees at work longer, though critics share concerns about liability and safety issues.

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>> trending on the website of the wall street journal would the man men culture be coming to an office near you. characters on the drama are shown guzzling booze at work to blow off steam and come companies are following suit allowing light drinking.

>> what does that mean?

>> on the job by installing high site taverns and kegs. they say the practice helps lure talent, connects employees, keeps people at work longer. but there are obvious liability issues and intoxication can lead to sexual harassment and drunk driving if they're getting in their cars after work.

>> i find this hard to believe.

>> have the been behind this ever been to a company christmas party ?

>> can you imagine?

>> it's not good.

>> is the rubbing alcohol in