TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Top 5 summer style trends

If you’re looking for a few key fashion pieces to carry you through the summer, TODAY contributor Zanna Roberts Rassi is here to help. She shares a few of the “it” items of the season, including mirrored sunglasses and a floral blazer.

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>>> back now at 8:52 with today's style and this morning, five must have items for summer at bargain prices. she is the senior fashion editor for marie clare magazine. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we're going to show these expensive designer looks and show how we can knock them off. let's start with the black and white dress.

>> it's a big trend. all over the run way. it's a beautiful dress. it's got a mod 60s feel to it. the difference with black and white this season, it's graphic. very graphic.

>> that dress is rather expensive. we have seen the celebrities in it. tell me about this look. this is under $150.

>> this is actually $76. it's a kaleidoscope print obviously. keep styling simple. and then a forever 21 version for $29 which is perfect if you just want to wear it for a couple of nights and never again.

>> our next trend we see, i think victoria beckham is starting this.

>> she has her own line. she has these amazing aviators and it's about the blue lenses. we're move agoway from the cat eye lenses and we have seen so many celebrities in it.

>> so we have the less expensive and really less expensive version.

>> these are at macys. if you like the trend and you want something quality these are the ones for you or we have the pacsun version which are $15. if you're like me and break sunglasses, these are for you.

>> they look good. the next thing is the floral blazer. stella maccartney did it.

>> stella is great at prints but you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the trend.

>> tell me about this one. how much is this.

>> this is $89. i love the fact that it's got the floral and masculine cut. plus in this weather it's freezing when you get in the air conditioning it's great and warm outside.

>> it still feels springy and a less expensive version.

>> $48 from macy's. dress them up or dress them down.

>> do you want to keep it simple in terms of color?

>> you can wear a bold color, simple solid underneath but yeah do not try and mix too many florals at once.

>> the next big trend is the bucket bag. i remember it from high school . that was the thing in the 80s. now it's back.

>> it's back. he launched a bucket bag called the deigo. it's a great bag and very versatile. but you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars.

>> show us the less expensive version.

>> we have a great bag and it's also -- it's about the modern details on it. this is from kohl's around 68 dollars. then another version which is $48.

>> we have the black heel.

>> that is the chloe heel. it's the lower flatter heel. we're using the idea of the big heel. kirsten dunst looking fabulous in them.

>> feet are rejoicing up and down the planet. great version here. great with shorts or skirt. much more sophisticated than a steletto with a short.

>> thank you so much. still to come from getting organized to getting more sleep. new gadgets and apps to make life easier. but first your local news.