TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

‘Forgive’ to ‘not buying it’: Web reacts to Deen interview

Carson Daly takes a look at how TODAY viewers are reacting to Paula Deen’s emotional interview, with people’s reactions mixed between forgive and forget to “I’m not buying it.”

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>> deen. we have been overwhelmed with your responses to her plea for forgiveness. we have carson daly standing by.

>> you might imagine after that interview, social media a buzz this morning. we'll get the nation's temperature in the wake of it. first of all, hashtag paula deen today was trending worldwide. we did see over 300 tweets per minute. the reaction, pretty split evenly right down the middle. here's a sampling of tweets. we have all said and done things we wish we could take back. we're human, we succeed, we fail, we learn. heather added i support you 100% i always loved you and always will. stay strong. on the other side, we have comments, it's obvious she hasn't learned a single hot buttered thing from all of this. michelle follows that up with paula deen doing her best to staunch the flow of financial bleeding. i'm not buying it. interesting on facebook , on the nbc facebook page we asked you did you change your mind about paula deen after the interview with matt lauer and it doesn't look like it. as of right now 82% said they did not change their mind. 18% of you said it did change your mind . a couple of facebook comments, she looks like she has been through the mill. feel she is being wrongly accused. it happened 30 years ago. i hate to think what might happen to any of us as to what we did 30 years ago.

>> a woman of her savvy should have had some idea that racial slurs would not be good for business. she is apologizing now because she is trying to save her career. when she uttered the racial slurs she was at least being honest. the apology seems some what less so. and an instagram video came in this morning.

>> hey. excuse me appearance. just came from a workout. paula deen said what she said. let's move on. she apologized. we can't select who should say it. let's just not say it at all. greetings from baltimore.

>> there you have it. a lot of people had things to say but pretty split down the middle.

>> you need a pot holder to touch my phone right now.

>> i'm sure. it's about ready to blow up.

>> al you were saying this too, people probably went in with an opinion and probably left the interview with the same opinion.

>> yeah, didn't change their mind.

>> i want to mention something without divulging any confidence or braking any confidence here. it continued after the interview. paula was extremely, extremely emotional in the studio after we went to commercial break.

>> with it all bottled up like that and toward the end of the interview we started to see that.

>> very upset but took the