TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

All-time greatest movies, TV shows, and music

Almost everyone has a favorite movie, TV show, or album, but how do your picks stack up against the greatest ever? Jess Cagle of Entertainment Weekly shares the magazine’s top picks, including “The Godfather,” “The Wire,” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album.

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>>> whether it's movies, tv shows or music, we all have our favorites but how do your picks stack up against the experts? this morning, the folks at entertainment weekly are unveiling their list of the all time greatest. good morning, good to see you.

>> how are you?

>> good. we should have a drink in our hand. this is the kind of thing people argue about at a cocktail party .

>> it might get violent.

>> we won't let that happen. 100 in each category. we'll go through the top five.

>> start with movies.

>> we'll go from number five. five to one. number five, a classic horror movie , psycho.

>> psycho, 1960 . we weighed three different things. there was artestry, culture impact and entertainment value and this movie holds up in every single aspect.

>> so does bonnie and clyde at number four.

>> this movie helped usher in a new era of more authentic characters and story telling and warren beatty directed it.

>> play it again, casablanca number three.

>> which a lot of people would say is the best movie ever made. interesting movie with sort of another war movie off the warner brothers assembly line and it just turned out perfectly.

>> all right. number two is a tie. godfather i and ii. i might have put it higher. why did you guys pick it?

>> it was as brilliant artistically as it was big in it's ambitions. it was one of the movies of the new golden era of hollywood.

>> and the number one movie, citizen kane .

>> citizen kane . so innovative at the time in it's cinematography and music it feels ahead of it's time.

>> the most recent movie, time warp , but that's okay.

>> a lot of newer movies on the list. only doing the top five.

>> top five tv shows and number five, sopranos.

>> this show really showed the appeal of the antihero. this extreme family dealing with basic things. it was brilliant.

>> four is the mary tyler moore show and seinfeld at number three. proud of that here in the nbc family.

>> one of those shows you can watch over and over again. it's the most watchable show of all time.

>> you give the simpsons the number two spot. that's a show that's still on the air. congratulations.

>> yeah, 24 seasons now. a dysfunctional family never told better. a brilliant satire that appeals to everyone. and the number one tv show is "the wire".

>> a lot of people may not have seen it. don't multitask. it is brilliant but it is dense. if you give it the time you will be rewarded 1,000 times over.

>> let's get to music and albums. the most current album on the top five, 1984 -- you're telling me a lot about yourself.

>> adele, kanye, they're on the list.

>> the clash, london calling .

>> number four thriller.

>> great pop songs .

>> number three, the rolling stones exile on main street .

>> they were high as kites when they made it and it's brilliant.

>> you got me here, prince, number two, purple rain .

>> sexy, beautiful.

>> and the number one greatest album of all time, there it is, the beatles revolver .

>> just great, there was a children's song called the yellow sub marine. it showed their talent and the things they could accomplish when they were getting along.

>> look at the full list. 100 in each category and very modern list as well.