TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Comedian Will Sasso takes over TODAY Vine account

The comedian and actor has almost 1 million followers on the social media app Vine. He takes his Vine talents to the TODAY account and chats with the anchors about the app, explaining his creative process.

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>>> well, can you be funny in six seconds or less. al, stop vining.

>> i can't help it.

>> he has 1 million followers on his social media . some are calling will sasso the best viner around.

>> vining as always.

>> call it the six second challenge. the social media app vine is a video sharing site to catch the video's 6 seconds begging how much can you really accomplish in that time.

>> what are you doing.

>> al what are you doing?

>> i'm vining.

>> just ask al roker , our own in-house vine addict.

>> he has commanded a concert audience.

>> boogied in the anchor chair and exposed matt's vacuuming skills. but almost no one vines better than actor and comedian will sasso . most recently starring at curly in the three stoogies movie. his followers have seen him channel singer michael mcdonald in the shower.

>> egg rolls, fried rice .

>> order chinese food as robert deniro . and resite steven segals favorite tv show . there's a lot you can do in six seconds. especially if you want to take arnold schwarzenegger for a drive. well, someone around here was brave or crazy enough to give him free range on our vine account. we gave you the password.

>> i'll be using that weeks and weeks.

>> what makes a great vine? how do you do it?

>> spontaneity. that's what the kids enjoy is doing fun stuff. for me, i just like to spring it on my friends. for example, i'll just take the thing and aim it at them and do one of my weird things i like to do is a crappy bill cosby impersonation so i would just go who is on the today show .

>> but that's not bill cosby .

>> that doesn't sound like him?

>> . [ inaudible ]

>> that's better.

>> i would probably upload that right away. not that i would do that here. you don't do that on the today show .

>> did you jump on vine right off the bat when it first became popular?

>> yeah. again, i am not -- i am not launching that. i am not launching that right now. i'm so sorry. i'm not going to be like al. yeah i think it started in december or january and i was like that's fun. i'm bored.

>> so instagram just came up with with it's own video app. it's 15 seconds. will you switch? can it be 2.2 times as much fun or whatever it would be.

>> i'm on instagram and i tried it out. i like to think of myself as a vine purist and that's the dumbest thing i've ever said. i prefer the six seconds for no reason at all.

>> it's funnier in a way.

>> your mom's from italy. you grew up in canada. you lie to your mom on vine.

>> i sort of -- well, lie, meaning she doesn't know what words i'm going to ask her to repeat. my mother had an adorable italian accent but that's one of the things. look out mom. i love her. i always hug her and kiss her afterwards.

>> do we turn around that one vine? okay the other one who is a big viner is justin bieber. do you think you would win in a vine off.

>> he probably does a better hulk hogan than me.

>> how is your shirtless giggle.

>> i do shirtless vines but beebs would probably have -- he has the female sort of the -- i would say the tween through the 25-year-old. i have the sort of 30-year-old to senior citizen female demo which is a little more powerful.

>> the people who are new to vine or just getting on to it right now, what advice can you give them to create original content?

>> i'm really impressed honestly by all the kids on vine. there's so many of them that i follow. i'm like they're so creative and i would just -- i actually told one of them i was going back and forth with one because he messaged me about something, i said just make you and your friends laugh. because he is doing this stuff that makes everybody laugh.

>> you mentioned hulk hogan a second ago. take a look at another vine from will.

>> you're directed the "today" show brother. you have to press the buttons dude. you're directing the "today" show brother.

>> you launch a bunch of lemons.

>> yeah, i do. if i couldn't be any more embarrassed by making six second videos. i did this lemon thing. mostly because the kids were doing a lot of animation stuff. i was like if i cut a lemon in half and then i cut back and it comes out, genius.

>> will, thanks for helping us lemon up our set today.

>> if there were on oscar for vining, will, you'd get it.

>> keep them coming throughout the morning.