TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

‘Beautiful Body Project’ portrays real, natural women

Photographer Jade Beall is on a mission to re-define female beauty, one un-photoshopped image at a time. She talks about her Beautiful Body Project, saying women “have the power to define what beauty is.”

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>> now to a project that's shining light on the self-doubt felt by some women when it comes to their bodies.

>> erica hill is here with this story. good morning to you.

>> good morning. we're bombarded every day by imagines of what we're told is beauty. but often those pictures are altered or enhanced so that prompted one woman to photograph women in a real way, natural, untouched, and pure.

>> my name is jade, i'm photographer and i'm working on a book called a beautiful body.

>> she is on a quest. to capture beauty in it's true form.

>> excellent love. right there, good.

>> reporter: redefining beauty. one unphoto shopped imagine at a time. stretch marks, scars, sags and all.

>> we deserve to be called beautiful. all of us.

>> reporter: what began as a personal journey.

>> i personally have struggled for nearly 30 years for feeling unbeautiful.

>> reporter: soon became a beautiful body. a project dedicated to celebrating mothers and to helping them embrace their bodies.

>> freedom from feeling too fat too skinny, too dark skinned too pale, too old, to wrinkley, too pimpley or whatever other story prohibits us from completely loving ourselves just as we are. giving birth and feeling the way i did after gaining 50 pounds, having a baby, having this newly shaped body, i had a lot of compassion and a lot of excitement to connect with other mothers and share stories and photograph them and show them how unique and irreplaceable they are.

>> reporter: in little less than a year, thousands of women have shared their story. many, like alexis have offered to be photographed for jade's book.

>> it was extremely empowering to take those pictures. i thought it was a wonderful way to find a way to be okay with the changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

>> i think it's important that women feel like they have the ability and they have the power to define what beauty is for them.

>> reporter: one photograph, and one miraculous life at a time.

>> when she completes this volume she is hoping to do others dealing with aging, illness and even men, matt.

>> no i think a lot -- she just removed a lot of pressure from a lot of people which is great.