Image: Halle Berry
Steve Yeater / AP

TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Halle Berry testifies against paparazzi

At a California hearing about a bill that would shield the children of celebrities and others from paparazzi, actress Halle Berry told lawmakers how her 5-year-old daughter is harassed at her school by relentless photographers.

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>> reporter: out.

>> all right. peter alexsander thank you.

>> a bill that would sheer children of celebrities and others from the paparazzi. her daughter feels harassed by photographs.

>> my daughter every day rejects going to school because she knows that the men are waiting for her at her schoolyard. they jump out of bushes, they jump out of cars. they come from behind buildings. who knows where they come from but all of a sudden a normal schoolyard with children running turns into what feels like a battleground.

>> the california bill would increase penalties for the intentional physical harassment of a child. up