TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Snowden has ‘plan B’ for secret documents

NSA leaker Snowden remains in the Moscow airport, within the “no-man’s land” of the international transit zone, according to Vladimir Putin. The president of Venezuela has publicly invited Snowden to apply for asylum there and the reporter who broke the story has revealed that Snowden has a “plan B” for the secret documents in his possession if he is captured. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> there's a new twist in the manhunt for edward snowden . he remains held up in moscow and now we know what he plans to do if he is captured. peter alexander has the overnight developments. peter, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. the immediate questions are will snowden stay in russia or where is he going next? now we heard from another american foe, venzuala's president allowing him to apply for asylum there. he is somewhere here inside moscow's airport. like a scene from the movie the terminal hiding out for the last three days in the international transit zone. a no mans land that technically doesn't count as being in russia . and as for all the nsa secrets, snowden reportedly has a plan b. the journalist who broke the surveillance story, glenn greenwald says snowden shared encrypted copies of all the classified documents he collected with contacts around the globe so the documents won't disappear even if he does. if anything happens to snowden he has been told the files will be unlocked. meanwhile, u.s. officials are still tracing snowden 's digital trail .

>> because he has so much and did this over the course of a year, it's going to take them a significant amount of time to understand the damage he will do.

>> reporter: for now, russia 's president says snowden is a freeman pointing out there's no extradition treaty between the u.s. and russia . putin told reporters he would rather not deal with the issue. it's like shearing a pig let. a lot of squealing and too little wool. still the white house is asking them to expel snowden without delay. john kerry traveling overseas tried to diffuse tension.

>> we're not looking for a confrontation or ordering anybody. we're simply requesting under normal procedure for the transfer of somebody.

>> reporter: this obviously turned into a cold war style standoff. officials here at the white house say there's a clear legal basis for russia to hand over edward snowden but vladimir putin pretty much ruled that out.

>> all right. peter alexsander thank you.