TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Transcripts detail Paula Deen’s use of N-word

Food Network star Paula Deen is facing a firestorm of controversy since reports surfaced that she admitted to using racial slurs. In newly released transcripts from a deposition last month, Deen says she does not condone the use of the N-word in “cruel or mean behavior.” NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>> much. now to the fire storm of controversy facing paula deen after a leaked deposition revealed her admitted use of racial slurs. food network is cutting ties with the cook and we'll talk to paula in a moment.

>> here we go. we're going to start rubbing our spices on.

>> reporter: the last week for celebrity chef paula deen and her business empire has been anything but sweet. after court documents revealed racially insensitive comments. a former employee at dean's restaurant uncle bubba's oyster house filed a discrimination lawsuit against dean and her brother claiming racist behavior was common at the georgia restaurant where jackson worked as a manager. one example, in the complaint, jackson who is white, says deen was planning her brother's winter weather advisorying in 2007 and stated what i would really like is a bunch of little "n" words to wear long sleeve white shirts and black shorts and black bow ties . in new ri released depositions deen denies using the "n" word to describing the waiters but admits to using the slur in the past.

>> have you ever used it yourself?

>> yes, of course.

>> have you used it since then?

>> i'm sure i have but it's been a very long time she replies but went on to say she didn't condone it's use in any cruel or mean behavior. deen sense apologized for her words.