TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Chicken with lactose-free creamy mushroom sauce

Melissa d'Arabian makes chicken in creamy mushroom sauce using LACTAID® Milk with a side dish your whole family can enjoy.

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>> the founders of gilt. g-i-l-t. what?

>> do you the rest of it.

>>> if you're lactose intolerant like hoda and her kotb --

>> stop it!

>> but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> announcer: "today's" kitchen" is brought to you by lactaid milk. you can fully enjoy the real milk you love.

>>> in "today's" kitchen," simple dinners. one you can whip up in minutes and never know it was lactose-free.

>> celebrity chef and lactaid spokesperson, marissa, has a delicious dish .

>> that's exactly it. my husband and one of my daughters, they are lactose intolerant . so this dish, i teamed up with with lactaid to make a creamy dish that has real dairy but no lactose. i've got bacon.

>> i already like that.

>> season up some chicken. little salt, pepper and some flour.

>> flour first?

>> salt and pepper first. but --

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> all right. if you say so, melissa d. arabian.

>> this is so simple, can you make it on tuesday night.

>> look at you.

>> i think you're a pro at this.

>> oh, yeah, mama has whipped up some dishes.

>> you have done this before.

>> oh, and that bacon grease . you know it's good.

>> we call it fat in my professional world. started out as grease but apparently that's not the right term. it is really fat.

>> or lard, i prefer.

>> look at you.

>> once we get our chicken all sauteed up, we pull it -- there we go. pull this guy out. we'll make the sauce.

>> look how good those look. these cutlets.

>> having them nice and thin means they'll cook through, have a nice crust.

>> you can pound it and make a --

>> see how she is?

>> or you could just slice it.

>> no.

>> either way. mushrooms. frozen peas. we're adding onions. some thyme and a little bit of garlic. then we're going to sprinkle a little bit more flour just to help thicken up the sauce. normally you'll cook this down for a little bit. and then you will deglaze with the wine and then some chicken stock and the lactose free milk. there we go. when this all cooks down into this beautiful sauce --

>> come on. the sauce does look creamy.

>> you know what's on tomorrow, hoda? back street boys.

>> they are?

>> and the five places every american should visit.

>>> outrageous chef nadia g. from bitchin' kitchen? we'll practice our song tomorrow, everybody so practice at home today. have a great booze day, everybody. see