TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Insider beauty secrets for hair, skin and nails

TODAY contributor Jill Martin goes au naturel to demonstrate inexpensive tips to protect hair and skin, including using lemon juice to extend the life of your manicure.

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>>> we are back with some insider beauty secrets for your hair, face and nails, and the best part is you don't have to go out and buy a thing.

>> "people" style watch has put together a list of tips and tricks using every day items from around the house. "today" contributor jill martin is the magazine's contributing editor. what's sfup.

>> we did this segment a few weeks ago. we got such amazing feedback that here we go again, things can you do at home. last time a lot of people thought i was sick. but i'm not wearing makeup and my hair is like this for a reason.

>> you are wearing an apron.

>> first and only time you'll see me in an apron. first trick is for your hair because we all have summer hair that needs help. her hair is a little fine. okay? here's the trick. this is the mistake that people make. you take a round brush. if you want a little height, just go to the root and tease it a little bit and let it sit because it will fall and put the hair drier on it. when you put the hair dryer on, the trick is to move it. don't go like this because it will burn the hair. and a lot of people make that mistake. now if you have thicker hair, the same thing we know like this. you just have the noddle on the top, blow it down.

>> what's the trick?

>> where the nozzle is. it has to be above. a lot of people do it straight on.

>> what's the specific point?

>> i understand. i was a little dazed --

>> see what happens when you wear that? you can't think.

>> why is there oil?

>> sunflower oil . a lot of us have this in the house. rub this in your hands and it contains and ultraviolet filter that helps protect highlights. put it in right before you go out in the sun. don't put on the root because it will make it oily.

>> it's pretty. shiny. does crisco work?

>> crisco would probably fry it. i'll try it this weekend. trick with any product you put in your hair, people overdo it. if it is clumpy in your hand, it will be clumpy in your hair. it is the amount you use. always use about a dime. the point of this one is to not overuse product, and to emulsify. this is a general point when you use any emollient product, gel, for your hair. you rub it in your hands --

>> depends on how much -- i have tons of hair and it soaks up in one second. i need lots and lots.

>> if you have fine hair, a quarter or a dime as you're sort of -- i need to use a quarter product. this chap stick for your lips but i waited to get this manicure for two weeks to show. can you use this around your nails and it works. after your manicure. if you have cuticles that get dry. also if your feet are a little -- you need a little moisturizing, it works anywhere there's sort of roughness. you actually taught me this. i actually looked into this to see why it works. it is acidic. a lot of people use lemon before their manicure. you said you use it after --

>> no, it was before.

>> i thought you said after! but it actually works after, too.

>> this is going well.

>> when you put it on after, it takes the oil away. you just have to be careful you don't dry too much. then it keeps the polish to the nail plate bet zbleter.

>> before she put the polish on, she put the lemon on and it dried the nail out and it lasted longer than any manicure i ever had. you have 30 seconds.

>> before you go out for an updo, shake out your hair to see what's going to possibly fall. if you do that before you leave, you won't have pieces hanging around.

>> it looks better now.

>> it does? for others, that's a --

>> shake your hair. otherwise, how would you know?

>> you stick the pin in a vitamin e tablet. i prefer it over the liquid. you put it on the root. and that will moisturize your skarl so y scalp if have you a dry scalp. this is honey banana moisturizing for your skin. also the scent of honey, brown sugar as an exfoal entelianexfoliant.

>> you're not wearing makeup? your skin looks amazing.