TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Carla Bruni: I don’t miss being first lady

France’s former first lady discusses the release of her fourth album, “Little French Songs,” as well as the role that her husband, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has taken with their children.

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>> with more of "today" on this tuesday and that is the lovely voice of singer and former first lady of france, and songwriter -- never before have we said those three words. singer/songwritr singer/songwriter/former first lady of france, carla bruni .

>> she traded the runway for the recording studio and, boy, did it pay off. look at -- that's hot.

>> now she's out with her fourth album called "little french song." how are you?

>> thank you very much.

>> welcome.

>> thank you very much.

>> this is your fourth one.

>> well, yeah, you know, time passes by. flies.

>> you have a lot going on obviously in your life. have you a little one who's 19 months. how did you find the time to do this album?

>> well, you know, the album writing is a really nice part. i write it at night because of silence, the children are in bed. and the writing part is easy. you know, the touring part is.

>> more difficult.

>> you left her behind? a couple days ago.

>> i left her behind but i wonder maybe i'm going to bring her with me because i just don't feel good. she's okay.

>> you're on tour doing concerts?

>> no. actually i'm doing a little promotion but the tour will be more consistent. now it is only four days a week.

>> so take her on the tour. otherwise you're going to miss her so much.

>> she get to bed late.

>> yeah, but it will become natural for her. as long as she happy. is your husband, the former president, is he with her? does he he change dipers?

>> latin men? he has three grown-up boys. he's a grandfather as well. and so, i mean we're just so crazy about --

>> there's a track on your cd. it is supposedly about your husband.

>> yes.

>> am i right?

>> but i change his name.

>> why did you change his name?

>> for fun! you ask me the question.

>> everybody knows.

>> yes. it was a song called "nicola" released in the '70s by a very beautiful french singer . it was a hit. so that nicholas thing that was already used, so another nicholas --

>> but you call him a pirate.

>> we didn't get that.

>> not like a real pirate. it is more like even though he has a suit and is doing a very serious, you know, job, even now he is very serious going to work every morning very early and tie -- he could be like a pirate. it's just for fun.

>> he gets in touch with his inner johnny depp .

>> yes. yes.

>> do you miss being first lady? do you miss all those duties and responsibilities?

>> no, i don't.

>> everybody looking at you every second of your life.

>> it was really like a great experience. it was a great honor. it was very fantastic time of my life . but i don't miss it because then it's nice for the family.

>> no privacy really.

>> family time. it's easier. and also for him, you know, for my husband, there is less of such stress and heavyweight and sometimes one wonders no matter how important, you know, your career is, sometimes you wish also for health, you know? you know, life flies by --

>> but it has to be hard for you to see what's happening -- the new president. he's got a very low -- maybe your husband's going to have to come back in. who knows?

>> nothing is easy. you know, in politics right now because economy is so difficult all over the world so it is a hard duty job. you know, i always feel very compassionate to everyone that does it because --

>> it's a hard job.

>> it's a hard job.

>> we wish you the best of luck with your little one.

>> we want to meet her next time.

>> thanks for coming to see us. "little french songs." it is charming.