TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Sara learns her beer basics: Hops are not pesky!

TODAY’s Sara Haines visits the Chelsea Brewing Company, the only microbrewery in Manhattan, to learn everything she never knew about beer (which is a lot) from head brewer Mark Szmaida.

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>>> it's time for sara in the city. this week sara haines got a taste of a hip had new york city hangout.

>> just for the day. i left my wine glass behind --

>> you're cheating on us.

>> i am. i headed to the chelsea brewery company, the only microbrewery in manhattan. if can you believe that, they were kind enough to open their doors to this beer rookie. on the fourth hour we definitely know our wine, but honestly? i don't know much about beer. so today i'm at the chelsea brewing company to learn a thing or two about the brew. what does microbrewery mean? because when i think of that, i always imagine a little building on a block.

>> microbreweries are now anything below 6 million barrels a year. used to be 2 million barrels a year.

>> it is how much product you are turning out.

>> that's right.

>> reporter: while the brewery attitude sin credibly laid back -- what would you never eat with a beer.

>> there's probably nothing i would ever eat with a beer.

>> cereal?

>> you put the beer in the cereal. yeah.

>> reporter: the science behind the process is a bit more complicated. you pour the malt into that and it heats and then it evaporates and then it rains into a liquid form and then it drains through this thing and then it comes out and you flavor it with all these different hops. and then you stir it in a vat and then you bottle it and then you drink it.

>> pretty close.

>> reporter: i got to taste some of the ingredients.

>> ooh! that smells like horse feed .

>> you can eat it, too. just like horse feed . the enzymes in your mouth will start to make it sweet.

>> yeah, that's not happening.

>> hops give bitterness to beer. in the boil you add hops depending on the style of beer, you you add different varieties of hops. is there what are hops.

>> hops are a flower.

>> so these are all natural ingredients .

>> yes, it's pretty wholesome --

>> well, it's not a salad. let's not fool ourselves.

>> reporter: i did have to learn some new video dab braovocabulary. does beer really taste different out of a drought?

>> draft beer .

>> it was time for me to get acquainted with the sweet work. look at that. the sugary liquid that later becomes beer.

>> this is an ipa so it is going to be sweet and bitter because it has a lot of hops in it already.

>> those darn hops. those pesky little hops.

>> tore me, they're not pesky.

>> you smell those hops? couple pesky ones in there.

>> you're pretty good at that.

>> i got to work in the hop vat. like a tea strainer for beer. my wicked work is being brewed. finallied gra lly i graduated to the bar to pour from the tap. that was my first beer pour. how did you do?

>> you did well.

>> that's a lie, bruce. i couldn't leave the bar without giving a vocabulary quiz to a few patrons. when you order beer that's not in a bottle or can what's it called?

>> draft beer .

>> or on tap.

>> so if i said, here's your drought beer?

>> i would just drink it without even know what you are talking about.

>> i accidentally called a draft beer a drought beer.

>> drought is when you need rain.

>> it was a tough crowd but mark was still willing to share a pint at the end of it all. and we're going to share a little pint.

>> you have to have it nice and cold.

>> yeah. i've never seen this.

>> a jug of beer.

>> this is how i guess they distribute.

>> i like that.

>> oh! that would be good with --

>> we'll wait until commercial for me to do that. america doesn't need to see that.