TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Patriotic and tasty July 4th treats

With Independence Day quickly approaching, what better way to prepare than to plan some patriotic treats for friends and family? Jessie Price of Eating Well magazine shares some red-white-and-blue ideas that will make everyone happy to celebrate.

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>>> july is next week. if you're planning on having a picnic under the fireworks or inviting friends to the house, we have simple treats to help you celebrate.

>> and they're all red, white and blue .

>> no, wow.

>> she is the food editor of eating well magazine.

>> good morning. i'm excited to be here.

>> these are great ideas and easy to do.

>> totally easy. we'll make a couple of them.

>> let's start with the popsicles. they were made last night because they had to freeze. instead of food dye we have all natural raspberries and blueberries. the berries are loaded with fiber and fiber is manage most americans don't get enough of and it's important for your digestive health.

>> a nice, light dessert or snack in between.

>> right. these are cute.

>> these are so cute.

>> these are little minicups here and you can buy them in the freezer section of your super market . they're easy to find and what you're scooping in here, this is a lightened up vanilla cream. it's half whipped cream and high low fat or nonfat vanilla greek yogurt . it's a tiny bit of sugar in there to sweeten it up.

>> gives it protein.

>> and top it with raspberries and blueberries.

>> the blueberries get their blue color and helps keep your memory sharp. feel good about those.

>> i knew that but i forgot.

>> do you want to make this one.

>> sure.

>> half celtzer water and juice and it can help lower blood pressure.

>> those look delicious.

>> it's totally delicious.

>> pass one down. let's try it.

>> kids would love this, i bet.

>> yeah.

>> and they got these cool straws in here too.

>> be careful.

>> just got a whole blueberry.

>> i did get a whole blueberry.

>> red white and blue potato salad .

>> this is a lightened up. white potatoes , red potatoes and blue potatoes, add your roasted red peppers for your red and skip the mayo, skip the sour cream and instead they're going to do a nice light olive oil , lemon, a little mint and scallions with it.

>> last for a little appetizer.

>> do you guys want to put some of these together and try them.

>> these are blue corn tortillas.

>> exactly. so think healthier nachos here.

>> i like that.

>> is that feta cheese.

>> there you go.

>> oh no. oh carson.

>> kathie price thank you so much.

>> we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.