TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

How to upgrade your man’s summer style

Whether you’re headed to a barbecue or trying to stay cool in the office, Tyler Thoreson, editor of, shows how to feel good and look good all summer long.

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>> this morning on today's style, fashion advice for guys on how to look smart and stay cool .

>> that's right. whether you're headed to a barbecue or the office, tyler has ideas to help improve your look. tyler , i could use help with my own. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> looking sharp tyler .

>> like wise, you guys are looking great.

>> showing us up.

>> it's not very hard. so office style, first of all.

>> let's start there. that's the trickiest. it is possible to look cool and stay cool at the office. we'll show you how to do it. so let's look at his before.

>> let's check out his before.

>> okay.

>> what's wrong with that.

>> well, the key is that he's wearing a wool suit in july and a lot of guys do this. what we have done here is we have taken this look and replaced it with a cotton suit.

>> that's better.

>> and we have also just modernized the look. slimmed it down. got a little pop of color.

>> he's not wearing socks and the pants aren't anywhere near his shoes.

>> well, that's a discretionary call. a lot of the younger guys are doing that.

>> oh, the young people . well i remember back in the day when i had socks.

>> socks are optional. it's your call. it's a slimmer suit. it's cotton. it's $150 which is great because you're only going to wear it three months of the year.

>> it's a disposable suit.

>> all right. let's talk about date night.

>> okay.

>> what does that mean?

>> means you double your chances.

>> got it.

>> i'm just going to stay out of that one and let you guys take that. let's look at andrew's before look. first look of date night, not going out to meet somebody new, you're investing in the relationship you already got.

>> this could be you're married and you want to go out on a date. that's a little more of a bachelor party look. we're going to replace it with something he's already got going.

>> he's in a relationship. he's trying to put in effort. we have a casual blazer from joe fresh.

>> a pop over.

>> is that the color.

>> no, it's a great color. it's a hybrid of a polo and button down. it goes great under a jacket. a pair of chino we replace.

>> andrews pants could fit him but he chose to role them up too.

>> you got to give it a shot. it's a good look.

>> let me ask you a question and in all seriousness.

>> these guys are studs. they pull it off, al.

>> yeah, you look pretty bad too.

>> but if you look more like me, can guys pull something like that off?

>> take your sox off.

>> okay. see, that's what we've got to work on is the sock.

>> it looks like the elastic went out of your sock.

>> look, there's an old exgirlfriend tattoo. exgirlfriend's name, now it's a crab claw. that's a cover you up. that's a cover up.

>> well done.

>> shall remain namely.

>> who is that on your ankle?

>> you're pulling this look off.

>> well, all right. i still with the rolling up of the thing.

>> it's a discretionary choice.

>> this is more my wheel house .

>> okay. you want to look sharp at a barbecue. it's not about dressing up. it's about having things that fit. henry used to play a lot of rug ri and he packed on muscle and lost some of that.

>> how do you feel about that henry .

>> he is still pretty built.

>> he's in great shape.

>> this was his barbecue look before.

>> i like the before.

>> it's a little baggy.

>> it's a little baggy. we have a shirt that actually fits. shorts from dockers.

>> give us the gun show .

>> don't do that.

>> there is no gun show happening right now.

>> come on.

>> i think america wants to put the collar down. can we go to twitter and take that vote now. what is the collar up? is that the look? just cool.

>> henry can pull it off. i don't do it myself. i'm older. it's an age thing. if you're 30 or below you can pull it off.

>> it reminds me of the country club pro or something.