TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

6 must-see amusement and water parks

If you’re looking for somewhere to go this summer that is fun for the whole family, Lisa Gill of Conde Nast Traveler is here to help. She rounds up some of the best amusement and water parks across the country, from Wisconsin to Vermont.

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>> which parks are worth your time and money. good morning lisa.

>> good morning.

>> seems like we're getting more rides. every park seems to be upping the ante so great places to explore all across america.

>> yeah, this year we expecting record breaking revenue at amusement parks . about $13.4 billion in revenue.

>> is that because they're jacking up the prices to get in or more people are going.

>> more people are going and they're introducing new rides. it's a great way to have fun away from the home but not stay far away from home.

>> all right. let's head west first and to six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. you love their superman ultimate flight ride in particular.

>> that'ser the fieg.

>> this is an oldie but goodie. we love the superman ultimate flight roller coaster . you get corkscrew twists and turns. i love that perspective and reaches speeds of 60 miles per hour. so this is really hot and superman is really big this summer.

>> that's like the wallenda ride right there.

>> i grew up by six flags out in california but i was more of a disney land kind of guy because i couldn't do the hardcore roller coasters .

>> do it before lunch and you can go online and get discounts.

>> you can.

>> next is water parks . you love the black anaconda.

>> yes this is at noah's arc water park . it's the largest water park in the united states . it's also the longest water ride in the country. it's a quarter mile long. you're going pretty fast in the water. a lot of splashing. it's a great way to cool off.

>> i like rides that you wait in line and they take time. you get the benefit of it.

>> right it's not just 30 seconds.

>> next should we go to dollywood.

>> that's a real place?

>> it's dollywood.

>> in pigeon forge tennessee. it's a beloved park created by dolly par on the. a family friendly spot with entertainment and crafts as well as the thrill rides and it pioneered this winged roller coaster phenomenon where you go out on either side of the tracks. it feels like air above you and below you.

>> that looks cool. next, the gate keeper at cedar point park in ohio.

>> yeah they took the winged roller coaster concept and made it even more crazier. it's the longest, fastest and tallest winged roller coaster experience.

>> you're hanging off on the edges.

>> you're hanging off on the edges. the way to sum it up, it's like feeling like your knees and head could be cutoff.

>> that's fun.

>> it's good family fun. there's a height requirement.

>> 52 inches which is about the size of my 8 yeerd.

>> do you ride these rides? do you love that.

>> i'm a little --

>> is that part of your gig.

>> if i have to i will.

>> you don't like the idea of your knees and head being chopped off.

>> i don't like the thought of that possibility.

>> let's go to one more here. holiday world , splashing safari, santa claus indiana.

>> it's a dry and water park and this mammoth you see right there, you feel like you're being lifted off your seat. you go to distance here.

>> good suggestions for the summer.

>> i love parks in general.