TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Miami Heat players have to duck below overpass

Double-decker buses and basketball players standing nearly 7 feet tall made for a dangerous combination when Miami Heat players had to duck not to hit their heads on highway overpasses during the parade to celebrate their NBA championship win.

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>> and trending on youtube, you can file this under bad planning. double decker buses and basketball players standing 7 feet tall along the streets of miami made for a dangerous situation.

>> get down.

>> get low.

>> wow.

>> lebron james and other miami heat players literally had to duck for cover on monday during a parade to celebrate their nba championship . that's almost like the end of the movie speed. 11 of the 15 heat players are at least 6 foot 8 including king james himself. wow, they didn't think this one through.

>> a kid would have to duck under that. that was a tight squeeze.

>> maybe a couple of convertibles instead.