TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Carla Bruni serenades 1A with ‘Little French Songs’

The former first lady of France talks about her recently released fourth album, “Little French Songs,” and performs one of the songs, “Chez Keith et Anita.”

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>> we're back now, 8:50 with carla bruni . you probably know her as the former first lady of france. the wife of the former president but she is also an accomplished singer. recently she released her 4th album, it's called little french songs. nice to see you. welcome back.

>> thank you very much.

>> your last album came out in 2008 . you have been busy between then and now.

>> yes.

>> have you been working on these songs the whole time.

>> yeah, writing songs, you know, and also to record them and of course hi to do it in between. i also had a baby.

>> about a year and a half ago.

>> yeah.

>> was there ever a question that you might go and do performing while you were first lady or was that taboo.

>> it wasn't taboo but it was not so comfortable with security and i didn't want to impose that to, you know, all the security and the french audiences.

>> for awhile you were one of the most talked about first ladies in the world. no question about that. now you have taken a step back. you're out of the spotlight except for performing, you're a wife, you're a mother. your an artist. are you enjoying more of the anonymity.

>> i wouldn't call it anonymity but i like very much quite life and music and family. that's all i like.

>> is there something you miss about being first lady.

>> no, nothing at all. it was a great experience and a great honor as well for me but i don't miss it. with little french song now i can go on tour and, you know, i can play my music and i also can be home a lot more. it 's wonderful .

>> one of the songs on the album is about your husband.

>> yeah.

>> and in it, do you refer to him as a pirate or am i missing the translation.

>> no, no. i was just saying even though he wears a tie, very proper person with very good customs and tie, he could be like a pirate. but it's just for fun. it's a song.

>> i probably read too much into it. what are you going to sing right now.

>> i'm going to sing little french song which is a title of the album and a title of one of the songs.

>> perfect.

>> thank you. [ singing ] [ music playing ] [ singing in french ] [ whistling ]

>> carla bruni . thank you very much. once again the album is called little french songs. we're back after your local news.