TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Gamblers around the globe bet on royal baby

Big bets are being made all over the world to predict key details about the impending birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child, including the baby’s gender, name, weight, hair color and more.

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>>> trending on e, big bets from all over the world on the upcoming royal birth with less than a month before the dutchess of cambridge's due date , it's intensifying and here to fill us in is ben. my first question to you is what are you wearing?

>> i thought i would blend in a little bit and bring color to the day. royal blue .

>> i don't think our cameras are doing justice to that shade of blue.

>> you need your sunglasses on.

>> good for you.

>> tell us what the odds makers are betting on. it's more than just gender and when the due date is.

>> everything. huge tradition of betting. betting on the hair color t weight, the due date -- the actual date is july 13th but now they're betting the name is alexandra. a female, weighing 7 pounds .

>> if that was a guy that would be weird.

>> speaking of, no north whales, then?

>> nobody know what is the sir name of the baby is. so it could be called blue whales .

>> maybe that's why you're wearing a blue suit.

>> you came a long way for those folks.

>> i did but i think they probably will stick with a traditional name. it's all speculation right now but obviously there's a huge amount of interest and there's speculation it's going to do a huge boost to the economy in the uk.

>> july 13th is the due date . are people speculating earlier or later.

>> people are thinking a little later. first babies arrive a little bit late. i hope you guys have your bags packed.

>> i do. your child was born at the hospital, st. mary's where she is expected to deliver. your sister is due around the same time as well.

>> yeah.

>> taking one for the team.

>> i like to do my best but exactly t baby is due to be born in st. mary's hospital. exactly where my child was born. they are a fantastic ward for children if there's any problem. so they will be in capable hand.

>> the royal couple does not know the gender themselves yet?

>> that's what they say and among that sort of generation people don't want to know. you have to have a goal at the end of giving birth. something you don't know and that's the ultimate thing to find out.

>> ben and his blue suit, thank you for being here.